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published Nov 10, 2016 12:05 AM, last modified Apr 06, 2017 12:21 AM

Job Title: Program Officer, CTP
Beijing, China
Reports To:
Program Director, CTP


Under the supervision of Program Director, the Program Officer’s responsibility is to build connections with the field, develop grants and manage CTP’s grant making process, provide on-going support to grantees to ensure good quality of their work, conduct evaluation and assessment efforts to monitor, report, and institute continuous improvement of projects. In addition, responsibilities include communicating with related funders in explaining and reporting the progress of the program and support developing materials for communication and fund raising efforts.

Responsible, energetic, self-motivated, highly professional, and fluent in Mandarin and English is a base requirement for qualified candidates. The ideal candidate is preferred to have a background of practice, research or management in media communication, business engagement, economic analysis, and big data application on technologies and policies related to transportation energy consumption, climate change, or air quality. It would be a plus to be familiar with one or more of the following areas; mobile source emissions control, vehicle fuel efficiency, new energy vehicle, and freight and logistic systems. Experiences in NGOs are helpful.

This position is based in the Energy Foundation’s China office in Beijing.



  1. Strategy Development and Grants Management:
    • Contribute to the development of CTP’s strategies; provide input on strategy revisions as needed or in response to emerging opportunities or shifting priorities, and evolve the strategy to reflect the field needs so that to achieve greater impacts.
    • Develop and maintain CTP’s contacts, including personnel in medias, business sectors, the central and local governments, domestic and international research institutes, NGOs, and domestic and international experts. This task will involve self-initiated phone calls, meetings, and regular travel.
    • Maintain close knowledge of developments and dynamics of the domestic and international fields on clean and efficient transportation.
    • Manage a cluster of grants, from proposal development to project execution, to project evaluations and reporting.  
    • Provide on-going support to grantees to ensure good quality of their work. This includes helping with grantees’ activities design, participating in grantees’ activities, quality control of the grantees’ reports and other deliverables, and disseminate the grantees work products to achieve policy impacts, etc.
    • Manage aspects of the grants evaluation process to refine and improve programs and projects, keeping projects on-strategy, on-schedule, and on-track. 
    • Conduct internal program analysis and fulfill grant evaluation responsibilities by managing timelines, KPIs, tracking the work of grantees and contractors.
    • Work with grantees to develop materials for media communication and increase the program's impacts.
  2. Reporting and Fundraising:
    • Serve as a liaison with major donors; respond to information requests; and assist EF and EFC staff with donor interactions.
    • Create quarterly/semi-annual/annual narrative reports by soliciting staff contributions and compiling data for publication to be distributed to funders and partner organizations.
    • Create external and internal reporting materials, including funder’s report, Docket, newsletter, reporting slides, etc.
    • Contribute to designing and organizing funder trips to strengthen the understanding of program activities and achievements.
    • Work with grantees and contractors to provide information, support and guidance in the submission of strategy papers, proposals, reports, and evaluations.  
    • Initiate proposals, reporting and aggregating information relevant to program work by identifying opportunities and responding to the field.
  3. Building Networks:
    • Coordinate information, act as the hub, for international partners by being the primary point of contact.
    • Conduct external landscape analysis in collaboration with other funders, grantees, multilaterals, and other relevant stakeholders and share the analysis with the field.
    • Develop related promotional materials in collaboration with the communication team.
    • Understand and share CTP’s strategies with Partners, grantees, etc.
    • Build and maintain domain expertise, ensure proactive knowledge sharing with the field and across programs.
    • Identify opportunities for cross-sector program collaboration; seek partnerships internally and across the network.
    • Maintain relationships with Grantees, policy makers, opinion-leader, funding partners and other experts or leaders in the field.
    • Coordinate with the related field players, e.g. other NGOs to build up the field jointly.
  4. Other related duties, as assigned.



  • Master’s degree or equivalent, preferably in a related field: communication, economics, environment, energy, transportation planning and management, etc.
  • Deep interest and knowledge in mobile energy efficiency, air quality and climate issues.
  • About 8 years of related working experience; Experiences in program management, program evaluation, and communication strongly preferred. 
  • A local Chinese with excellent English writing and speaking skills. Native English speakers with a certain level of China experience and Chinese language skills will also be considered.
  • Analysis and Synthesis — strong skills in data accuracy and the ability to examine and interpret a wide variety of data, synthesize the data and develop a recommended course of action. 
  • Teamwork orientation — an ability to coordinate and lead project work and participate as a member of various project teams; values differences among team members and can work on behalf of groups representing multiple stakeholders.
  • “Ready for help” mindset – strong willingness to help others – including local partners and international teams – to work better in the field.
  • Self-motivated, dedicated, and hard working – able to work over time and has the capabilities in dealing with urgent work efficiently, self-disciplined to complete the mission independently and timely.
  • Planning and Organizing:
    • Prioritizes work activities and identifies resources needed to accomplish goals.
    • Spends time efficiently and develops realistic action plans, resolves conflicting priorities and accomplishes work on time.
    • Maintains a balance and awareness of status of all projects.
  • Oral and Written Communication:
    • Effective consensus-building, an ability to deliver concise and organized information relevant to the intended audience.
    • Experience engaging with government officials and business leaders across the political spectrum.
    • Successfully uses various audio-visual media to enhance presentations.
    • Exhibits confidence in communicating.
    • The ability to listen actively and speak clearly and directly.
    • Be with exceptionally strong writing and synthesizing capacity to generate English strategies and discussion papers for EF western donors.
    • Good presentation skills
  • Experience establishing positive links among Chinese organizations, and between U.S. or international groups and Chinese counterparts.
  • Experience communicating to and influencing a wide variety of audiences including peer groups, government and business officials, funders and grantees.
  • Willing to travel within China to directly work and communicate with grantees in China.



  • Be a fast learner and keep professional knowledge and skills up-to-date.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and work under pressure.
  • Mission-driven – Dedicated to advance the work of EFC for altruistic reasons and the health of the planet, can connect personal values to the mission and purpose of EFC.
  • Ethical and Fair – Adheres to EFC’s core values and beliefs under all circumstances; models the behaviors; has candid discussions devoid of hidden agendas, doesn’t give preferential treatment.
  • Integrity – Reputation of trustworthiness and honesty, keeps confidences, admits mistakes, and doesn’t misrepresent self for personal gain.

The Energy Foundation China provides a comprehensive benefits package, including competitive salary and generous vacation.

Please email a cover letter and resume, subject line "PO of CTP Application", to


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