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published Jan 16, 2017 09:55 PM, last modified Jan 16, 2017 09:58 PM

Job Title: Communications Specialist
Beijing, China
Reports To:
Communications Director


The Communications Department of EF China uses the tools of strategic communications to improve how sustainable energy and energy efficiency are narrated and perceived among key stakeholders in China. We help create a social surround that supports more ambitious energy policy and practices. We also help build the organizational profile.

The Communications Specialist (CS) is responsible for supporting Communications team on strategy development, funder relations, grants administration, corporate communications products and activities, events organization and logistics support. The CS reports to the Communications Director (CD).



As Communications Specialist, he/she is responsible for supporting both corporate communications and strategic communications.


For corporate communications, he/she is responsible for:

  • Manage the development of EFC quarterly newsletters and other newsletters as needed;
  • Assist in developing, editing and distributing EFC brochure, factsheets, PPTs, introductions and other materials, e.g., videos, photos, and etc;
  • Support the development of templates and branding materials as needed. Handle brand check;
  • Support Corporate Communications Manager with the editorial work of EFC WeChat account;
  • Support Corporate Communications Manager to improve and maintain EFC website;
  • Help organize media interviews and events if needed;
  • Assist in organizing staff training on communications;
  • Maintain database of communications materials.


For strategic communications, he/she has responsibilities in the following areas:


Strategy Cycle and Fundraising Support

  • Support Communications team in strategy cycles including strategy formulation and review, logic models updates, and budget setting by conducting basic research and providing input based on frequent communications with grantees;
  • Help draft funder’s proposals and prepare reports to update funders on progress of related grants and projects;
  • Support the related research as requested by funders;
  • Organize and arrange site visits for the funders to demonstrate the accomplishment of the program in the field.


Grants and Projects Management

  • Administrate the grant-making process in the EFC’s grants management system, drafting IERF and filling in necessary information to initiate the project application, monitoring and following up in the grant period, and drafting evaluation to close the grant in a timely manner;
  • Collect and carry out due diligence on the grants related materials, including grant proposals, budget proposals, mid-term and end-term narrative and financial reports, the technical reports, and etc., and upload the materials to the EFC’s grants management system timely;
  • Support Communications team to monitor the project progress, help organize and attend meetings at various stages of the project and follow through to ensure desirable deliverables and outcomes;
  • Monitor the payment for granted projects, help grantees to resolve payment related issues;  
  • Track and keep record of the program budget, follow through spending plan and provide timely reminders to Communications team, and reconcile the program budget internally and with SF Office;
  • Support grant auditing and work with grantees to assure full compliance with EFC policies and regulations both in China and in the US;
  • Organize and manage Foundation-Initiated Projects (FIPs), including consulting contracts, meetings/workshops, study tours and reports/publications. Set up FIPs, collect and review FIP reimbursement materials and ensure that necessary reimbursement materials are complete and correct. Ensure that FIP administration and reimbursement follow EF China procedures and is handled in a timely manner;
  • Organize and coordinate all kinds of meetings/workshops, consultant visits, study tours and funder trips, including issuing invitation letters, arranging accommodation and transportation, scheduling meetings, assembling meeting materials, arranging or providing translation services, taking notes and developing meeting summaries, and etc.


Collaboration and Partnership

  • Proactively work with other colleagues in collaborative projects;
  • Share knowledge, expertise, critical information and networks with other colleagues and/or partners under CD’s guidance to increase support and demonstrate shared purpose;
  • Maintain the list of partners for the program, assist in inviting international and domestic experts to support EFC’s stakeholders.



  • Assist Communications team to draft reporting materials, such as annual report and work plan to the regulators, and docket narrative and logic model to the board;
  • Work closely with other colleagues to support the office-wide events as required by the office, including annual Dialogue Partnership meeting, Policy Advisory Council meeting, staff retreat and etc;
  • Translate written materials from English to Chinese or vice versa as required by Communications team;
  • Undertake additional tasks and responsibilities as assigned by CD;
  • Back up other colleagues as needed.


This job description reflects the assignment of essential functions, it does not prescribe or restrict the tasks that may be assigned.



  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent; major of Communications or Public Administration is a plus;
  • Working experience: minimum three to five years of related experience and/or training; Experiences in PR work, brand communications, news-writing, event organizing and campaigning is a plus;  
  • English level: be able to communicate in English fluently and write good English
  • Project management skills: be able to establish a systematic course of action for self or others to ensure successful project completion; foresee potential project issues and recommend improvements, look for solutions that are beyond existing project rules and regulations.
  • Problem solving skills: be able to define the key issues when facing complex situations and analyze the defined issues, propose the possible solutions and articulate pros and cons for each possible solution.
  • Communication skills: be able to delivers key messages concisely and write in logical and concise manner; is creative and innovative.



  • Ethical Behavior/Integrity – Demonstrates principled performance and sound ethics, showing consistency among principles, values and behaviors to build trust and credibility internally and externally.
  • Mission-driven/Initiative –Inspired by the organization's vision and mission, and take actions with ownership, can-do attitude and proactive mindset.
  • Team Spirits – Collaboratively works toward solutions which benefit all involved parties; willingly cooperate with others to accomplish team/organization objectives.

Please email a cover letter and resume, subject line "Application of Communications Specialist", to


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