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Lijian ZHAO

Program Director, Environmental Management

Mr. Lijian Zhao is the Director of the China Environmental Management Program at Energy Foundation China. He manages grants to support China in improving the environmental regulatory system, fighting against air pollution, and managing local environmental impacts of the energy lifecycle. Prior to joining the Energy Foundation, Mr. Zhao was Program Officer for Environment at The Asia Foundation. He also served as a Consultant/Auditor in the private sector at SINOSPHERE Corp. and worked for Global Village of Beijing, an environmental NGO in China.

Mr. Zhao holds an MSc. Degree in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management from the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE), Lund University in Sweden and Central European University (CEU) in Hungary, with support from the European Commission Erasmus Mundus scholarship. He is a LEAD (Leadership for Environment and Development) Fellow and holds a Bachelor of Philosophy from Peking University.


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