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Energy Foundation and Municipal Government of Zhenjiang Sign Green and Low-carbon Development Cooperation MOU

On August 26, the Zhenjiang Municipal People’s Government signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the US-based Energy Foundation (EF) to cooperate on green and low-carbon urban development. Both parties will work together to facilitate Zhenjiang’s green and low-carbon transformation. Ms. Zhu Xiaoming, the Mayor, attended the signing ceremony.

In accordance with the MOU, EF will support projects to build Zhenjiang’s low-carbon capacity. EF will support the following activities: assist in establishing the Zhenjiang International Low-carbon Development Research Center and Low-carbon International Development Exchange Center; assist in the planning and implementation of the “Zero-carbon Island” in Yangzhong City; assist in the transformation of the circulation systems in Zhenjiang’s new-type industrial parks, and carry forward the transformation of renewable energy sources. EF will also assist in the first “Zhenjiang International Low-carbon Technologies & Products Exhibition”, bringing to this project its professional strength and expertise in energy and environment both at home and abroad. EF will also support capacity building in Zhenjiang through talent trainings and exchanges.

Ms. Zhu said that the key to success in low-carbon efforts lies in having cities adopt better production methods and lifestyles. Through the MOU, Zhenjiang will further improve its low-carbon development capacity and serve as a model for other cities in China. Ms. Zhe looks forward to both parties achieving practical results. She also hopes that the good ideas introduced to Zhenjiang can be well implemented to demonstrate their feasibility.

Executive Vice Mayor Mr. Zhang Hongshui, a member of the Standing Committee of the Zhenjiang Municipal Committee, signed the MOU on behalf of the Municipal Government with the EF representative. Mr. Hang Zhuhong, Secretary General of the Municipal Government, also attended the signing ceremony.

Yesterday afternoon, Ms. Zhu Xiaoming, Mayor of Zhenjiang met with a delegation led by Mr. Eric Heitz, the CEO and Co-founder of the US-based Energy Foundation. They exchanged ideas reinforcing green and low-carbon urban development.

Ms. Zhu showed her warm welcome to the delegation and described the history, regional advantages, natural resources, and social and economic development history of Zhenjiang. She said that in recent years, in spite of the economic downturn, Zhenjiang had still made progress on environmental protection and low-carbon development, which helped make Zhenjiang’s GDP growth rate the highest in the province. The concurrent development of environmental protection, low-carbon development, and economic development all contributed to the general development of Zhenjiang. She hopes that Zhenjiang could have further cooperation with EF in capacity building, technology, and production to promote low-carbon development and raise the standard of living.

Mr. Heitz showed his appreciation for the attention and support from the Municipal Government, recognizing Zhenjiang’s achievements in its low-carbon development. He said that Zhenjiang is leading in many low-carbon development areas, like the circular economy and data clouds. In particular, Mr. Heitz said, the idea of a “Zero-carbon Island” nicely reflects the idea of green and low-carbon development. He hopes there will be more cooperation with Zhenjiang to carry forward green and low-carbon development there.

Executive Vice Mayor Mr. Zhang Hongshui, a member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee and Mr. Hang Zhuhong, Secretary General of the Municipal Government, attended the meeting.

source: http://www.jsw.com.cn/site3/zjrb/html/2016-08/26/content_3104664.htm


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