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Jun 8, 2005

China's National Comprehensive Energy Strategy and Policy

The Development Research Center of the State Council assembled leading energy research institutes in China to research and recommend a National Compre...
Jun 7, 2005

Feasibility Study on 'Reach' Energy Efficiency Standards of Fans, Pumps, and Air Compressors

The China National Institute of Standardization carried out a 'Feasibility Study on 'Reach' Energy Efficiency Standards of Fans, Pumps, and Air Compre...
Jun 2, 2005

Comparison of Passenger Vehicle Fuel Economy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards Around the World

Nine major regions around the world have implemented or proposed various fuel economy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions standards. Yet, these standar...
Jun 2, 2005

The 'Efficiency Power Plant': A Rapid, Low-Cost Path for Energy-Saving Investments in Jiangsu and Shanghai

The 'Efficiency Power Plant' (EPP) is a well-proven method to finance and implement electric utility energy efficiency efforts. An EPP provides the ut...
Apr 22, 2004

National Energy Plan 2004-2020

In November 2003, the State Council Development Research Center (DRC) presented an initial draft of the National Energy Plan to senior leaders at the ...
Dec 21, 2003

International Experience with Public Benefits Funds: A Focus on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Renewable energy and energy efficiency investments have long been supported through public policy efforts in a wide array of countries. Public benefit...
Oct 27, 2003

Demand Side Management in China: Benefits Barriers and Policy Recommendations

One tool that has proven effective in many countries for delivering energy efficiency, but has not yet been widely adopted in China, is demand-side ma...
Sep 29, 2003

Research on Cogneration Policy in Shanghai

Shanghai municipal government seeks to increase its natural gas consumption through the development of clean cogeneration, also known as combined heat...
Sep 3, 2003

Energy Conservation Potential for China Major Energy-using Products Through Standards and Labels

The China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS) and the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) estimate that the implementati...
Jul 1, 2003

Improving Transport Fuel Quality in China

This report by the China Petrochemical Consulting Corporation, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Trans-Energy Research Associates analyses th...
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