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Aug 1, 2022

Sustainability Practices and Cases of the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Based on the International Good Practice Principles for Sustainable Infrastructure

Coordinated and developed by the China Office of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), in cooperation with GoldenBee Consulting, this report collects sustainability cases and other related materials, with the guidance from the Sustainability Advisory Committee of the Games and the Sustainability Division of the General Planning Department of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games.
Aug 1, 2022

Critical Minerals and Resources Efficiency for Full Vehicle Electrification in China

In August 2022, the Automotive Data of China Co., Ltd released this report assessing critical minerals that are vital for electric vehicle manufacturing and the efficiency of using these resources. The research was supported by Energy Foundation China.
Jul 29, 2022

Strategy and Pathway Enabling the Scaled-up Development of Energy Storage for a New Power System: Executive Summary

In July 2022, with the support of Energy Foundation China, the China Energy Storage Alliance released this report discussing an accelerated energy storage strategy and pathway for China’s new power system.
Jul 28, 2022
Jul 19, 2022

Incentive Policies and Application Cases of Diversified Investment and Financing Channels for Clean Heating

In July 2022, with the support of Energy Foundation China, the Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning released this report analyzing possible incentive policies for new investment and financing tools for clean heating and presenting a few cases that use those tools.
Jul 10, 2022

A Collaborative Control Strategy of VOC and Carbon Emissions in the Petrochemical Industry During the 14th Five-Year Plan Period

In 2022, Beijing Guohuan Tsinghua Environmental Engineering Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Tsing-Huan Smart Source (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. jointly completed this report about how to in the next five years control volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and carbon emissions at the same time in the petrochemical industry. The report was supported by Energy Foundation China.
Jul 10, 2022

Refrigerant Recovery and Reuse Management of Controlled Substances Under Montreal Protocol

In 2022, supported by Energy Foundation China, the Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Center completed this research report analyzing how China should reuse controlled substances under the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.
Jul 5, 2022

Energy Efficiency of China’s Exported Room Air Conditioners

In July 2022, ChinaIOL released this report reviewing the energy efficiency of China’s exported room air conditioners, with the support of Energy Foundation China.
Jul 4, 2022

Energy Efficiency and Low Carbon Technologies in Key Industrial Sub-Sectors: Iron & Steel and Cement

In July 2022, with support from Energy Foundation China, the China Council for an Energy Efficient Economy released this report reviewing low carbon technologies that are applicable to the Chinese iron & steel and cement sectors and can help them achieve China’s dual goals for carbon peaking and neutrality.
Jul 1, 2022

Developing China’s PV-Energy Storage-Direct Current-Flexible Loads (PEDF) Building System

In July 2022, supported by Energy Foundation China, a series of reports was published on how to develop an innovative building system in China that integrates solar photovoltaics, energy storage, high efficiency direct current power, and flexible loads. (PEDF).

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