Director of Projects, President Office

Job Title: Director of Projects, President Office
Beijing, China
Reports To: 
CEO & President


Under the supervision of the CEO & President, the Director of Projects, President Office will lead the team to drive the International Cooperation task force and to support high-level engagement related project work, including developing relevant strategies, coordinating with all programs on implementation, managing grants/projects, facilitating and organizing research and dialogues, maintaining and expanding partnerships, etc. Specifically, the Director’s responsibilities are categorized as Strategy Cycle, Fundraising, Grants and Projects Management,Partnership,Research and Dialogues, Collaborations, and General Management.


Strategy Cycle

  • Formulate integrated strategies on international cooperation and high-level engagement for EF China, review and refresh strategies on a regular basis according to the field trend;
  • Develop a logic model and propose a budget with clear prioritization in line with the international cooperation and high-level engagement strategies;
  • Coordinate with all programs to implement the international cooperation and high-level engagement strategies;
  • Continuously seek opportunities to expand knowledge and experience in building domain expertise to ensure thought leadership in the field.


  • Cultivate new funders and resources by proactively communicating strategies and negotiating agreements in mutually beneficial ways;
  • Actively engage existing partners in the cultivation and engagement of potential partners to build resources for EFC and the field;
  • Develop, review, and coordinate the submission of proposals and reports in coordination with the Strategic Partnerships team; 
  • Report and update funders on the progress of related grants and projects and actively seek feedback and engagement;
  • Engage funders and potential funders with materials to support engagement such as newsletters, policy analysis, partner updates and invitations to conferences/workshops and study tours.

Grants and Projects Management

  • Manage budget, develop an attainable spending plan that supports the implementation of the strategies;
  • Identify and select grantees/partners, design project plans with grantees/partners to assure project goals and deliverables are in line with goals and strategies;
  • Oversee grant-making process, review grants applications, and approve grants in EF China’s grants management system timely;
  • Monitor project progress, provide ongoing support to grantees to ensure desirable deliverables and outcomes;
  • Conduct grant-level evaluations annually and make adjustments accordingly to improve project effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Support grant auditing and assure full compliance with EF China policies and regulations both in China and in the US.


  • Develop, build up and maintain a network of key international partners for EF China, including but not limited to influential climate experts and opinion leaders, research institutes and think tanks, policy-makers and etc.;
  • Identify and cultivate valuable and high-quality international organizations grantees for scaling up the implementation of international cooperation strategies;
  • Support other teams to maintain and expand EF China’s domestic network of influential opinion leaders and organizations.

Research and Dialogues

  • Conduct ad hoc research to track the latest development of global energy & climate governance, and facilitate a better mutual understanding and energy & climate cooperation between China and the international community;
  • Design, organize and/or facilitate high-level climate and energy Track II dialogues and develop associated policy notes to inform decision-makers.


  • Coordinate with all programs on President Office related activities, and support other programs as needed;
  • Proactively identify opportunities for cross-sector collaboration, and work closely with related programs to deliver the impact;
  • Work closely with Communications team to effectively communicate the President Office related messages to various stakeholders;
  • Share knowledge, expertise, critical information and networks with other colleagues.

General Management

  • Communicate, coordinate with and be supported by the Chief of Staff in the President Office to ensure a smooth and coordinative grant-making launched by the President Office and efficient allocation of human resources to achieve the goals of the President Office and the whole organization.
  • Facilitate enabling environment to internationalize the whole EFC in a more integrative manner in a position of the whole organization, by creating a cross-cutting concept, internal training and engagement with all the relevant programs/staffs and close trans-programs communication.
  • Provide managerial supervision and demonstrate leadership on talent selection, on-the-job coaching, training, professional development and performance management to team members;
  • Foster team spirit and a learning atmosphere within theteam;
  • Prepare reporting materials, such as the updates, reports and work plan to the board and regulators;
  • Undertake additional tasks and responsibilities as assigned by CEO & President;
  • Back up other colleagues as needed.

This job description reflects the assignment of essential functions, it does not prescribe or restrict the tasks that may be assigned.


  • Education: Master’s degree or equivalent, preferably in a related field: climate diplomacy, international relations, public policies, environment, energy, climate change, and economics; Deep interest in climate change and energy.
  • Working Experience: Over 10 years of related working experience in the areas of international cooperation. Experiences in global climate/energy governance, cooperation of climate change/energy and project management preferred. 
  • Language Level: Chinese native speaker; excellent command of spoken and written English, communicates in English effectively in public, with a deep understanding of western cultures.
  • Communication and Coordination Skills: communicates logically and articulates key messages/points with a clear structure, listens actively, is able to sense and take care of audience’s emotion and unspoken views, finds interactions for all parties to achieve win-win and presents audience’s benefits clearly, synthesizes different views to develop integrated messages.
  • Problem Solving: is able to define and prioritize key issues, make analysis with logical reasoning, utilize and synergize various resources to summarize and find solutions, determine the best solution in a holistic approach.
  • Strategic Thinking: the ability to understand the field landscape and is able to anticipate the future scenarios with big-picture thinking, be able to prioritize and make trade-offs based on possible resources.
  • Team Leadership: is able to set up a team and assign work effectively, motivate team members and treat team members with fairness, provide timely constructive criticism to team members and support them for long-term career development.
  • Networking: ability to develop new alliances and formal networks, mobilize external resources and foster relationships with key stakeholders to achieve long-term mutual interest.


Ethical Behavior/Integrity – Demonstrates principled performance and sound ethics, showing consistency among principles, values and behaviors to build trust and credibility internally and externally.

Mission-driven/Initiative –Inspired by the organization's vision and mission, and take actions with ownership, can-do attitude and proactive mindset.

Team Spirits – Collaboratively works toward solutions which benefit all involved parties; willingly cooperate with others to accomplish team/organization objectives.

Please email a cover letter and resume, subject line "Application for Director of Projects, President Office", to


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