Belt and Road Initiative

Belt and Road


The rapid growing energy consumption and carbon emissions of developing countries and China’s influence on those countries’ climate action have attracted global attention. Concentrated focus is casted to how China can implement its Green Belt and Road Initiative to help the countries cope with problems like insufficient infrastructure construction, weak climate response capacity, and other problems. We believe the initiative should give consideration to economic sustainability and climate friendliness, so as to drive the low carbon economic transformation of the host countries.

The Overarching Goal:

Energy Foundation China started the Belt and Road Initiative Task Force in 2018, in the hopes of helping countries along the Belt and Road to achieve renewable centered energy transition, promoting sustainable economic and social prosperity, and contributing positively to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations and the climate targets of the Paris Agreement.


  • Facilitate domestic and overseas institutions to carry out dialogues, discussions, and information exchanges on sustainable energy transition of the region and low carbon policy studies;
  • Establish an expert network to promote expert level dialogues and information sharing between China and other key regional partners. The topics include but not limited to renewable oriented energy transition plans for countries/regions, clean power, low carbon cities, green and efficient cooling, electric vehicles, green finance, and climate strategic communications.
Participating Programs
  • President's Office
  • Industry
  • Low Carbon Economic Growth
  • Low Carbon Cities
  • Clean Power
  • Transportation
  • Strategic Communications

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