Track II Cooperation

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Track II Cooperation


Addressing the climate crisis has become an undeniable political priority in the agendas of heads of states, and climate diplomacy is a key component of international relationships. Considering China’s pivotal role in addressing global climate change, Chinese and international climate policymakers will benefit from better understanding of their counterparts’ policies and climate actions. Climate communication between China and other countries needs to be improved to increase the consensus and enhance cooperation.

The Overarching Goal:

Energy Foundation China launched the Track II Cooperation Task Force in 2018, aiming to establish a network of experts to define, frame, and catalyze China-international climate engagement, and to strategically support structured, targeted, high-priority dialogues and cooperative activities, to enhance Chinese and the global efforts to address climate change.


  1. International climate governance: Enhance China’s role in advancing multilateralism and contributing to the achievement of the objectives of the Paris Agreement;
  2. U.S.-China relationship questions: Determine what U.S.-China climate engagement can/should look like given current overall U.S.-China context;
  3. Sectoral/thematic experience sharing: Strengthen development and implementation of policies in key sectors for the low carbon transition through sectoral discussions.
Participating Programs
  • President's Office
  • Transportation
  • Environmental Management
  • Industry
  • Low Carbon Economic Growth
  • Low Carbon Cities

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