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Lingyan CHEN

Officer, Strategy and Planning

Ms. Lingyan Chen is the Officer of the Strategy and Planning section of Energy Foundation China. With a strong background in philanthropy and civil society, she has been serving the foundation since 2008, accumulating over 15 years of experience in the field. Throughout her career, Ms. Chen has actively collaborated with academic institutions, think tanks, and international organizations, focusing on various aspects of the low carbon transition, such as national and subnational policies and actions, market-oriented mechanisms, and non-carbon dioxide mitigation.

She excels in grants management and implementation, ensuring that resources are effectively allocated to achieve the foundation’s goals. Additionally, she holds the responsibility of coordinating and communicating with internal and external stakeholders to foster effective partnerships and collaborations. She also supports the office-wide budgeting process and participates in the development of program-related strategies and cross-sectoral initiatives.

Before joining Energy Foundation China, Ms. Chen worked for a Chinese bank for international trading business, and then driven by her passion for environmental and climate change issues, she made a career shift to be a campaigner for with a local non-profit organization. Ms. Chen holds a master’s degree in public administration from Tsinghua University.



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