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Introduction to the Strategic Communications Program

China is exploring a new pathway toward a clean, decarbonized future. China has emerged as a world leader in coping with climate change and energy issues and, increasingly, as a source of innovative solutions to these challenges. Better expounding on China stories in sustainable energy development will boost confidence and inspire active engagement of all walks of the society in developing and enforcing more ambitious energy policy, thereby accelerating China’s clean energy transition.

The Overarching Goal:

To influence how sustainable energy and energy efficiency are narrated and perceived among key stakeholders in China, and help create a social environment that supports more ambitious energy policy and practices.

Program Initiatives:

  1. Enhance win probability of EF China program strategies through effective narrative building;
  2. Drive crosscutting campaigns on topics like air quality and green growth;
  3. Build capacity of the field on strategic communications; and
  4. Contribute to storytelling on China’s progress and leadership in sustainable energy.




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