Consultant, Low Carbon Economic Growth


Consultant, Low Carbon Economic Growth

Energy Foundation China



Energy Foundation China is a professional grantmaking charitable organization registered in California, U.S. It has been working in China since 1999, and is dedicated to China’s sustainable energy development. The foundation’s China representative office is registered with the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau and supervised by the National Development and Reform Commission of China.


Our vision is to achieve prosperity and a safe climate through sustainable energy. Our mission is to achieve greenhouse gas emissions neutrality, world-class air quality, energy access, and green growth through transforming energy and optimizing economic structure. We deliver the mission by serving as a regrantor, facilitator, and strategic advisor.

With a view to assisting China in coping with development, energy, environment, and climate challenges, we support policy and standard research, capacity building, and international cooperation across seven fields: power, industry, transportation, cities, environmental management, low carbon economic growth, and strategic communications. In addition to the sector-by-sector work, we also contribute to crosscutting and integrated issues that have big impacts on China’s decarbonized development through six task forces: Long-Term Strategy for Decarbonization, Urbanization, Coal Transition, Electrification, Air Quality, International Cooperation.


Through the end of 2022, Energy Foundation China had funded 3,693 projects operated by over 917 grantees in China, with total funding amount nearly 450 million dollars. Our grantees include leading policy research institutes, academies, industry associations, local energy efficiency institutions, and NGOs in China and abroad, such as the National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation, the Chinese Academy of Environmental Planning, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Peking University, All-China Environment Federation, China Association for NGO Cooperation, Friends of Nature, etc. In 2022, we received 81.3 million contribution, allowing us to support 413 more projects, with the help of our 67 staff.



In the context of carbon neutrality, the transition of China to a net-zero emissions pathway will both address climate change challenges and reshape a new growth model for the economy. On the demand side, the low carbon transition will unlock new export market opportunities, create demand for high-value goods and services, provide a stimulus to the efficient consumption of resources, and shift to low carbon investment. On the supply side, it will support innovation, facilitate the transition away from carbon-intensive capital, strengthen the investment in natural and human capital, and rebuild a more balanced portfolio of wealth stocks. To achieve carbon neutrality early, a series of systematic socio-economic changes are needed, including a new economic performance assessment centered on nature capital, green fiscal and financial systems, incentives for sustainable infrastructure and net-zero technology innovation, and just transition solutions. The low carbon transition will build a new growth engine for China’s future, create new sources of wealth growth, and help realize multiple goals for economy, society, energy, climate, and the environment.

The overarching goal of Low Carbon Economic Growth Program (hereafter “LCEG”) is: China adopts a new economic model that harnesses fresh growth drivers to deliver high-quality development, facilitates initiatives to build a green, “beautiful China” with world-class air quality, peaks carbon emissions as early as possible, and places the country on a trajectory for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2060.

LCEG supports the following initiatives: 1) Build policymaker awareness of the value of a low carbon growth model, support setting targets and pathways, and facilitate the development of new metrics to support measurement; 2) Support markets for—and hence investments in—natural capital and the technologies that help to preserve or enhance it; 3) Enhance understanding in the finance sector of the opportunities and risks from a low carbon transition, and facilitate the capital flows that will finance the natural, produced, and human capital needed for net zero emissions; 4) Facilitate the delivery of sustainable infrastructure by increasing understanding of what it is and why it is important, how much is needed, and what enabling conditions it requires; 5) Redirect China’s innovation activity toward low carbon products and technologies that support net zero goals; and 6) Support economic diversification and the just transition by ensuring that there are economic opportunities for those currently involved in high carbon activities.



Energy Foundation China

Job Description


Job Title:           Consultant, Low Carbon Economic Growth

Location:           Beijing, China

Reports To:       Program Director & Program Officer, Low Carbon Economic Growth




The Consultant is responsible for supporting the Program Director (PD) and Program Officer (PO) to manage the collaboration with key partners at the provincial and city level, ministries, universities, etc. This person will coordinate with EFC programs and partners for these collaborative projects, in order to achieve the organizational goals. In specific, he/she will support PD & PO to implement MOU projects, manage budget and grants, represent the program internally and externally, interface with individual grantees, and supervise Program Associate (PA) when applicable. Consultant’s responsibilities are categorized as Strategy Cycle, Fundraising, Grants and Projects Management, Collaborations, Partnership, and General Management. The ideal candidate is preferred to have extensive working experience in stakeholder relationship management.





Under PD & PO’s supervision, the Consultant will support them on strategy development and fundraising, and manage grants, projects, or specific initiatives within the program. His/her responsibilities include:

Strategy Cycle

·         Support PD and the organization to develop, manage, and improve high-level governmental and partners’ relations to strengthen the internal collaboration and comprehensive implementation of office-wide strategy.

·         Support PD to develop program strategies that are in alignment with EFC vision, and refresh the strategies according to the field trend. If applicable, taking ownership of the assigned topics, follow through and deliver the satisfactory end-product;

·         Develop and update logic models annually with PD to guide program strategies implementation in response to the field dynamics;

·         Work with PD to propose program budget in line with program strategies;

·         Continuously seek opportunities to expand knowledge and experience in building domain expertise to ensure the thought leadership in the assigned areas.



·         Advise and support PD to cultivate new funders and resources and engage existing funders in a collaborative way;

·         Support PD in developing, reviewing and coordinating the submission of proposals and reports in coordination with SF office;

·         Work with PD to report and update funders on progress of related grants and projects and actively seek feedback and engagement, proactively communicate changes in strategic direction or changes in agreed upon goals and objectives;

·         Assist PD to prepare funder engagement materials such as newsletters, policy analysis, partner updates and invitations to conferences/workshops and study tours.


Grants and Projects Management

·         Assist PD & PO to manage budget, and to develop an attainable spending plan that supports the implementation of program strategy;

·         Work with PD & PO to identify and select grantees/partners, design project plans with grantees/partners to assure project goals and deliverables are in line with program goals and strategies;

·         Oversee grant making process for the assigned grants, review grants applications, and approve grants in EFC’s grants management system timely;

·         Monitor project progress with support from Program Associates, provide on-going support to grantees to ensure desirable deliverables and outcomes;

·         Provide timely updates to PD & PO on the assigned grants and projects;

·         Conduct grant-level evaluations for the assigned grants annually and make adjustments accordingly to improve project effectiveness and efficiency;

·         Support grant auditing and assure full compliance with EFC policies and regulations both in China and in the US.



·         Coordinate with related program staff for collaborative project;

·         Proactively identify opportunities for initiative or project level collaboration, and work closely with related program staff to deliver the impact;

·         Work closely with Communications team to effectively communicate the program or initiatives/projects related messages to various stakeholders;

·         Share knowledge, expertise, critical information and networks with other colleagues.



·         Identify and cultivate valuable partners, including grantees, policy makers, opinion leaders, funding partners, commercial partners and other experts or leaders in the field;

·         Build and maintain trust and relationships with partners for better collaboration;

·         Share knowledge, expertise, critical information and networks with partners to increase support and demonstrate shared purpose;

·         Provide thought leadership in some areas and/or provide support to partners in the field with the shared purpose of growing the field.     


General Management

·         If applicable, provide managerial supervision and demonstrate leadership on talent selection, on-the-job coaching, training, professional development and performance management to team members;

·         Help PD to foster team spirit and a learning atmosphere within the team;

·         Assist PD & PO to prepare reporting materials, such as the program updates, reports and work plan to the board and regulators;

·         Undertake additional tasks and responsibilities as assigned by PD & PO;

·         Back up other colleagues as needed.


This job description reflects the assignment of essential functions, it does not prescribe or restrict the tasks that may be assigned.




·     Education: Master’s degree or equivalent, preferably in a related field: finance, economics, environmental economics, energy, public policy, etc. Deep interest and knowledge in finance, climate changes, low carbon field, and policy research.

·     Working experience: Minimum 5-year experience in economics, environment, energy and climate change, and working experience on  project management, policy design, international cooperation, and events organization and management in government sectors or research institutes preferred.

·     Language level: Chinese native speaker; excellent command of spoken and written English.

·     Communication: ability to communicate logically and articulate key messages/points with clear structure and fact-based supporting arguments, listen actively to audience’s purpose, and communicate effectively in public; ability to manage in a matrix reporting structure with multiple stakeholders and effectively coordinate activities across organizational boundaries.

·     Project management: ability to propose project direction, lay out project plan with milestones, timelines and tracking mechanisms, and to accomplish the project on time and in good quality.

·     Problem solving: ability to define and prioritize the key issues when facing complex situations, make analysis with logical reasoning, propose possible solutions and resolve some complicated issues independently.

·     Networking: ability to initiate partnership, cultivate networks and deepen the relationships with key stakeholders to effectively leverage resources.




·       Ethical Behavior/Integrity – Demonstrates principled performance and sound ethics, showing consistency among principles, values and behaviors to build trust and credibility internally and externally.

·       Mission-driven/Initiative –Inspired by the organization's vision and mission, and take actions with ownership, can-do attitude and proactive mindset.

·       Team Spirits – Collaboratively works toward solutions, which benefit all involved parties; willingly cooperate with others to accomplish team/organization objectives.


Please email a cover letter and resume, subject line "Application for LCEG Consultant", to


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