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Aug 2, 2010

China GIS Wind and Solar Analysis

The report includes two presentations. The first is a GIS wind resource analysis using the three-tier data set to quantify the wind power potential of...
Aug 24, 2009

The Evolving Role of Carbon Finance in Promoting Renewable Energy Development in China

Prepared by Joanna I. Lewis, a researcher at the Center for Resource Solutions, this paper examines the role that the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM...
Jul 22, 2009


Prepared by five wind energy experts, this paper examines and summarizes wind integration experience in the United States. U.S. wind capacity has near...
Jul 21, 2009

Research and Proposals on Incentive Policy and Measurements of Chinese PV Market Development and Acceleration

This report was prepared by the Institute of Electrical Engineering under CAS in cooperation with domestic and international experts. The report elabo...
Jul 17, 2009

2008 Wind Technologies Market Report

This report, authored primarily by Ryan Wiser and Mark Bolinger of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, provides a comprehensive overview of trends ...
Jun 25, 2009

Status of Energy Efficient Building Codes in Asia

The Energy Efficient Building Codes in ten countries or cities in Asia was introduced in this article. The introduction included codes technical requi...
Feb 19, 2009

International Motivations for Solar Photovoltaic Market Support:Findings from United States, Japan,Germany and Spain.

This report covers motivations for PV deployment in other countries.
Feb 19, 2009

Global Photovoltaic Market Trend Analysis: Implications of the Financial Crisis

This report covers the possible impact of the financial crisis on global PV markets.
Dec 22, 2008

Regional Renewable Energy Planning: International Case Studies, Lessons Learned

This study was commissioned by the GEF / World Bank Assisted China Renewable Energy Scale-up Program (CRESP), and by the Energy Foundation’s China Sustainable Energy Program (CSEP). Its purpose is to assist China’s Center for Renewable Energy Development (CRED) to complete a study on provincial renewable energy planning, including the development of specific planning methodologies that China’s provinces might follow.
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