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Dec 21, 2007

Technical supporting report for China energy efficiency standard for external power supplies

China energy efficiency standard for external power supplies has been issued on May 21,2007 and been implenmented on Dec 1,2008.
Dec 5, 2007

Fact Sheet: China Emerging as New Leader in Clean Energy Policies

In the last two years, China has implemented a series of ambitious clean energy policies that will help to dramatically reduce the growth of the country; energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
Sep 17, 2007

Scientific Electric Power Planning

This report by the China Electric Power Promotion Council analyzed the growth of the power industry and forecasts long-term demand, which form the bas...
Jul 20, 2007

Promoting Renewable Energy Sources in Portugal: Possible Implications for China

This paper summarizes the Portuguese policy measures promoting renewable energy, with particular emphasis on the feed-in tariff regulation and tenderi...
Jul 20, 2007

A Comparison of Wind Power Industry Development Strategies in Spain, India and China

This paper compares the manner in which Gamesa (Spain), Suzlon (India) and Goldwind (China) became domestic leaders in their respective countries’ win...
Jul 20, 2007

Annual Report on U.S. Wind Power Installation, Cost, and Performance Trends: 2006

The report offers an overview of key wind development and installation-related trends in the U.S., reviews the cost of wind power projects and the pri...
Jun 29, 2007

German 250MW Wind Program

The German 250 MW Wind Programme is the most direct and sizable effort of any country to support the demonstration of new wind turbines and wind turbi...
May 24, 2007

Investment Opportunities in China's Clean Energy Technology: Presentation by Douglas Ogden

In this presentation to global investors at JP Morgan's Hands-On China Series, Douglas Ogden, Director of the China Sustainable Energy Program, discussed the numerous opportunities for clean energy technology investment in China.
May 15, 2007

China Renewable Energy Law and Supporting Regulations

The "Renewable Energy Law and Supporting Regulations" consists of a full version of China's Renewable Energy Law and 17 implementation regulations and...
May 15, 2007

China Renewable Energy Industry Development Report

The 2006 "China Renewable Energy Industry Development Report" was compiled in colaboration by the Energy Bureau of the National Development and Reform...
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