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Shenyu G. Belsky

Shenyu G. Belsky

China Program Director / China Chief Representative
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Beijing, China

Shenyu G. Belsky has directed the Rockefeller Brothers Fund’s China program since 2005, and is also the Fund’s China chief representative. Her work focuses on addressing challenges at the nexus of climate, environment, and human health, which includes improving environmental and climate governance, air quality, energy transition, green finance, food systems, and philanthropic leadership. Prior to joining the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Ms. Belsky served as a senior program director at the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations where she developed and implemented a wide range of programs concerning critical issues in contemporary China such as public health, social security, and education.

Ms. Belsky was raised in Guangzhou and Shanghai, and educated in China and Australia. She is a member of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations; trustee of the Lingnan Foundation; and a director on the Energy Foundation China Board.


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