Consultant (research), Transportation

Job Title: Consultant (research), Transportation
Beijing, China
Reports To:
Senior Program Officer, Transportation
12 months with possibility to extend  


In summary, Consultant will perform the following work for EF China:

The consultant is expected to produce a flagship report and 3-5 research papers focusing on zero-emission transport in China. The primary areas of interest include the experiences and lessons in zero-emission developments in the Chinese shipping, high-speed rail, aviation, and the insights into transport structural adjustments.


Research and Reports/Articles Writing

  • Conduct in-depth and fact-based research on the current landscape of China's zero-emission transport, exploring topics such as zero emission shipping, high-speed rail, aviation, and structural adjustments;
  • Analyze and summarize the experience, lessons, opportunities and challenges faced during the transition to zero-emission practices in the transport sector;
  • Identify and compile case studies that highlight key driving forces contributing to their success and recommendations for moving forward.
  • Utilize analytical skills to process and interpret public data, creating comprehensive graphics and charts focused on various aspects of zero-emission transport.


  • Work closely with colleagues to assist in article reviews and data analysis;
  • Make minor text modifications on the design draft (AI files);
  • Other related duties, as assigned.

This job description reflects the assignment of essential functions, it does not prescribe or restrict the tasks that may be assigned.


  • Education: Master degree or above, preferably in a related field of transport, energy, economy, environment, or other related majors. Knowledge and understanding in zero-emission transport trends is highly desirable.
  • Working Experience: minimum 3 years of related working experience in the areas of transport, energy, economy, environment, climate, and other related fields;
  • Language: Chinese native speaker; excellent command of written English and Chinese;
  • Research skills: Proven experience in conducting high-quality research, with a focus on environmental or transport-related topics. Strong capacity to understand the overall picture, capture key messages, and meanwhile pay attention to details to ensure high quality ;
  • Data analysis: Strong analytical skills, including the ability in searching public data, interpreting complex data sets, graphics & charts marking, and presenting findings in a clear and concise manner;
  • Computer skills: Proficiency in using MS Office and data analysis tools, along with knowledge of design software such as AI, would be considered an additional advantage;
  • Communication: ability to communicate with others clearly, listen actively, get to the points and write with clear logics.


  • Ethical Behavior/Integrity – Demonstrates principled performance and sound ethics, showing consistency among principles, values and behaviors to build trust and credibility internally and externally.
  • Mission-driven/Initiative –Inspired by the organization's vision and mission, and take actions with ownership, can-do attitude and proactive mindset.
  • Team Spirits – Collaboratively works toward solutions which benefit all involved parties; willingly cooperate with others to accomplish team/organization objectives.

Please email a resume, together with the Chinese and English writing samples from the past three years under the subject of  "Application for Consultant, Transportation" to


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