Corporate Communications Director

Job Title: Corporate Communications Director
Beijing, CN
Supervised by:
CEO & President


Corporate Communications Director (thereafter “The Director”) oversees the corporate communications team to build EFC’s brand and demonstrate EFC’ strength & unique values. His/her responsibilities are categorized as Media Relations, Brand Management, Internal and External Communications Support, Issue and Crisis Management, and General Management.

The ideal candidate is a person who is a visionary leader with extensive experience in the relevant field. Media, NGO, business marketing, and climate/energy communication related experiences are strongly preferred.


Media Relations

  • Develop the media strategy and implementation plan in line with organizational needs.
  • Cultivate and maintain strategic partnership with both domestic and international medias, journalists, opinion leaders and influencers, nurture a key media network in the area of climate and energy and develop effective business models to work with media.
  • Lead team to manage media inquires and media engagement, assess how EFC will be referenced, co-develop and review comments, articles and opinion pieces with programs.
  • Provide professional guidance and supports to the management team and program teams to be interviewed by medias.
  • Lead team to organize media events to promote EFC.

Brand Management

  • Develop and implement communication strategies and plans to reinforce EFC’s brand, in align with EFC’s objectives and values.
  • Develop branding policies and guidelines, and oversee the implementation of the guidelines to ensure consistency of EFC’s brand.
  • Manage EFC’s brands by developing, owning and operating the websites, the social media, brochures, PPT template, the logo, the slogans, the symbolic color and styles of gifts, office finish and others as needed, protocols of documents, publications, receiving guests, and formal events to reflect EFC’s considerate, inclusive, respective and professional culture and its vision and missions.
  • Create & delivercompelling stories and events that reinforce EFC's brand
  • Includingbrandedcommunicationsbothfor theorganizationandPrograms
  • Corp Communicationstoleadstory generation with inputs from Programs
  • ProvideVIguidance,includingprotocol,template,etc.,tosupportboththeorganizationandPrograms.


Internal & External Communications Support

  • Build up infrastructure for driving EFC’s corporate communication by guidelines, protocols, rules, and coordinating mechanism.
  • Drive the analysis and designs of EFC’s images, styles, and features of comparative advantages in a view to be better understood by stakeholders, provide higher value added and more needed services in the fields, and create more opportunities for cooperation with partners.
  • Identify and prioritize the thematic issues and leverage points based on understandings of EFC’s vision and missions, strategies, programs’ outputs/outcomes, policy agendas, and the hottest interests/concerns from key stakeholders in the field in a view to develop and implement routine and dynamic action plans of corporate communication in a relevant and timely manner.
  • Closely working with the Strategic Communication Team, conduct corporate communication drawing on overlapping components of strategic communication to reflect EFC’s features based on substances.
  • Assess and advise EFC’s position, roles, messages, and defined relations with relevant stakeholders in the context of foundation-wide or specific events or games and propose what voice EFC should and how to make.
  • Support EFC’s leadership and nominated representatives to present EFC’s official positions and views on selected issues and in specific crucial occasions by preparing relevant materials and advising major talking points per the requests from EFC’s leadership.
  • Work closely with the Strategic Partnership team, support targeted communication with funders by organizing regular updates of EFC’s strategies, workplans, annual priorities, working mechanisms, and outputs/outcomes.
  • Work closely with President’s Office and the Project Management Office, support targeted communication with domestic and international governmental and intergovernmental partners and business engagement in a view to create more collaborative opportunities and larger impacts.
  • Develop internal communication related protocol, policies and monitor daily compliance.
  • Lead team to plan and organize communication related training for the entire organization.
  • Work with Strategy& Planning team and program teams for knowledge management.

Issue and Crisis Management

  • As part of the issue management team, help mitigate, identify and handle reputational risks, define and execute appropriate strategies from perspectives of communications and public relationship.
  • Monitor public perception of the organization and implement strategies to protect EFC’s reputation.

General Management

  • Design team structure, work allocation, and working flow to fulfill the organization and team goals.
  • Provide managerial supervision and demonstrate leadership in talent selection, on-the-job coaching, training, professional development, and performance management to team members.
  • Foster team spirit and a learning atmosphere within the team.
  • Budget and manage G&A expenses for the program.  
  • Prepare reporting materials, such as the reports and work plan to the board and regulators.
  • Undertake additional tasks and responsibilities as assigned by the President.
  • Back up other colleagues as needed.

This job description reflects the assignment of essential functions, it does not prescribe or restrict the tasks that may be assigned.


  • Education:Master’s degree or equivalent in a related field: communications, journalism and/or public administration.
  • Working Experience: Over 12 years of related working experience; experience in communications, business marketing, public relations, or journalistic practices. Familiar with media practices, competent in strategizing and implementing communications projects, and knowledgeable in climate and energy communications. NGO and climate/energy communication related experience as a plus.
  • Language Level: native-level Chinese skills required; excellent command of spoken and written English, communicates in English effectively in public, with a deep understanding of Western cultures.
  • Communication and Coordination Skills: communicate logically and articulate key messages/points with a clear structure, listen actively, sense and take care of the audience’s emotions and unspoken views, find interactions for all parties to achieve win-win and present the audience’s benefits clearly, synthesize different views to develop integrated messages.
  • Problem Solving: is able to define and prioritize key issues, make analysis with logical reasoning, utilize and synergize various resources to summarize and find solutions, and determine the best solution in a holistic approach.
  • Strategic Thinking: the ability to understand the field landscape and is able to anticipate future scenarios with big-picture thinking, be able to prioritize, and make trade-offs based on possible resources.
  • Team Leadership: is able to set up a team and assign work effectively, motivate team members and treat team members with fairness, provide timely constructive criticism to team members, and support them for long-term career development.
  • Networking: the ability to develop new alliances and formal networks, mobilize external resources, and foster relationships with key stakeholders to achieve long-term mutual interest.


  • Ethical Behavior/Integrity – Demonstrates principled performance and sound ethics, showing consistency among principles, values, and behaviors to build trust and credibility internally and externally.
  • Broader Views for Systematic Solution – Proactively link program strategy and goals with the ones of the whole organization and other related programs, as appropriate, for cooperation and organization-wide capacity enhancement.
  • Mission-driven/Initiative – Inspired by the organization's vision and mission, and takes actions with ownership, a can-do attitude, and a proactive mindset.
  • Team Spirits – Collaboratively works toward solutions that benefit all involved parties; willingly cooperates with others to accomplish team/organization objectives.

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