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Beijing Environment Bureau and EF China Launched Cooperation for 2020

In late April, 2020, Beijing Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau and Energy Foundation China (EF China) reviewed their cooperation in 2019 and kicked off new research programs for 2020, with attendees including Chen Tian, bureau chief; Li Xiaohua, deputy bureau chief; and Zou Ji, CEO and President of EF China.

(Photo by: Liu Xin)

(Photo by:Dai Zixing)

In November 2019, in the presence of Beijing mayor Chen Jining, as well as major EF China partners, the Beijing environmental regulator and EF China signed a Framework Agreement on Cooperation for 2019 to 2023. Over the first year, EF China supported 15 research and training projects by top domestic and foreign research institutions on topics covering strategy of building an ecological civilization in the capital city, medium- and long-term planning of air quality and climate change co-management, electrification strategy for transportation, air quality planning for the 2022 Winter Olympics. These publicly released studies have provided well-balanced technical support for Beijing as it contemplates relevant policies.

Mr. Chen expressed gratitude to EF China for its support to Beijing’s ecological and environmental work. He suggested how to improve the design and management of future cooperative projects, and proposed what key areas would severe the public interest most, such as environmental protection planning, innovative technological demonstration, Green Winter Olympics, environmental collaboration in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and international cooperation on climate change.

Considering the profound impact of the current pandemic on the economy and the whole society, the two sides should work together to send the message that strengthened environmental and climate change governance would benefit high-quality economic recovery and green development, said Zou Ji. EF China would love to continue to support policy research and innovation in Beijing’s co-management of air quality and climate issues in the coming years, as well as important topics including emission reduction demonstration for the Winter Olympics, according to him.

(Photo by:Liu Xin)

Both parties agreed to reinforce cooperation in 2020, with focus on providing balanced research, analysis, and technical support for Beijing’s environmental protection and climate work in the next five years. The 18 planned projects would cover policy research, pilots, and capacity building in the areas of building an air and climate co-management system; consolidating pathways for structural optimization in energy, industry, transportation, and land-use; improving the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordination mechanism; and strengthening international exchanges and cooperation.

The head of Beijing bureau’s Science and Technology and International Cooperation /Climate Change Division and the director of EF China’s Environmental Management Program also attended the meeting.


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