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Ji ZOU Invited to Talk on Low Carbon Transition to Policymakers of Bayannur, Inner Mongolia

In late July, Ji ZOU, CEO and President of Energy Foundation China, was invited to Bayannur, Inner Mongolia to deliver a lecture about how to build a new growth engine and accelerate industrial upgrade through carbon peaking and neutrality goals, and in the near future dual control targets for total energy consumption and intensity. The audience were officials of Bayannur, including the party secretary and deputy party secretaries, the chair of the municipal committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and other local regulators.

Prof. ZOU explained China’s new development concept, international and domestic trends and experiences in low carbon transition, the current status of energy consumption, energy intensity, and carbon emissions in China, as well as opportunities and challenges for decarbonized prosperity in Inner Mongolia. He also analyzed the urgency of the task of curbing energy consumption and intensity, and proposed how Inner Mongolia and the Bayannur city can realize high-quality low carbon economic development through decarbonizing their energy mix.



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