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EF China and Tongzhou District Sign MOU to Support Low Carbon Development

Cai Qi, Beijing’s Party Secretary; Xie Zhenhua, China’s Special Envoy for Climate Change Affairs; and Chen Jining, Beijing Mayor, attended the signing ceremony on August 23, 2022.
Photo by Energy Foundation China

On August 23, 2022, China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the World Economic Forum jointly convened the Policy Dialogue With Enterprises by Walking Davos: Into Beijing Municipal Administrative Center, in Tongzou District, the sub-city center of Beijing. The southeastern district has hosted many of Beijing’s municipal governmental agencies since mid-2010s.

This dialogue provided a platform for business, senior officials from Beijing Municipal Government, NDRC, and civil society to exchange ideas and make pledges to work in collaboration to help meet China’s goal to peak CO2 before 2030 and to reach carbon neutrality before 2060.

Over 104 representatives from 60 enterprises and key high-level government officials including Cai Qi, member of the Political Bureau of the Party’s Central Committee and Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, Xie Zhenhua, China’s Special Envoy for Climate Change Affairs, Chen Jining, Deputy Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, and Lian Weiliang, Vice Chair of the NDRC, attended the speeches and witnessed the signing of four different memorandums of cooperation.

CEO and President of the Energy Foundation China, Zou Ji, , also attended the event and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Strategic Cooperation Between Tongzhou District People’s Government of Beijing Municipality and The Energy Foundation (2022–2027) with Meng Jingwei, Deputy Secretary of the Tongzhou District Party Committee and Head of Tongzhou District.

Zou Ji, CEO and President of Energy Foundation China, together with heads of three other organizations, signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with Meng Jingwei, Head of Tong Zhou District, Beijing, on August 23, 2022.
A Screenshot of the Official Coverage of the Event

The strategic cooperation aims to accelerate green development in Tongzhou, enhance its competitiveness, and incorporate the concept of low carbon development into its construction. The cooperation content includes the overall green and low carbon development strategy for Tongzhou, green finance, low carbon buildings and cities, new energy vehicles, a decarbonized energy system, and the co-management of air and climate pollutants.

In the coming months, Energy Foundation China will further communicate with relevant government departments and implementation organizations to design and kick off several green and low carbon projects before the end of 2022.


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