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EF China and Jiangsu’s Provincial Environmental Department Sign MOU for Decarbonization

On December 15, 2022, Zou Ji, CEO and President of Energy Foundation China (EF China), signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Strategic Cooperation Between Jiangsu Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment and The Energy Foundation Beijing Representative Office (2022–2027) online at the Jiangsu International Conference on Green Development held by the provincial government. The conference was aimed at facilitating international dialogue and cooperation on green and low carbon development of the manufacturing powerhouse province in East China.

EF China and Jiangsu’s Provincial Environment Department enter into MOU at at a green development conference on December 15, 2022. Screenshot by EF China.

The strategic cooperation will aim to promote the implementation of the Paris Agreement and advance green, low carbon, and high-quality development in one of China’s most developed and energy consuming provinces. The two parties plan to focus on research on a decarbonized development strategy for the province, pollution and carbon reductions in provincial industrial parks, decarbonization of energy systems in key industrial parks, and zero carbon development and demonstration. They also plan to summarize the province’s green and low carbon development achievements and strengthen international communications in this regard.

For the next step, EF China will communicate with Jiangsu’s regulators and collaborate with grantees to launch decarbonization projects there.


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