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CCICED’s Climate Special Policy Study Hosts Chinese Expert Meeting

On May 9, 2023, co-organized by the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), Energy Foundation China, the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Science and Development, and the secretariat of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED), another Chinese expert meeting of the CCICED Special Policy Study on the “Pathway to Carbon Neutrality and China’s Role in Global Climate Governance” was held in person and online. The council’s International Chief Advisor, Chinese and international co-leads of the Climate Special Policy Study, and more than 20 Chinese experts of energy, climate, development, and finance attended the seminar, where they discussed the fast development of renewable energy, the phase-out of fossil fuel, global trade and supply chain for green and low carbon products, green recovery around the world, and solutions for global climate investment and financing cooperation.

More than 20 experts of energy, climate, development, and finance attended CCICED’s Chinese expert meeting held in Beijing on May 9, 2023. Photo by Energy Foundation China

Experts at the meeting said that, as the world faces multiple challenges of economic recovery, energy security, and climate change, macroeconomic and climate change policies should be aligned, with the coordination of economic growth, energy security, and long-term sustainable development goals. Green investment can help achieve China’s short-term goal for stable growth and long-term transition toward decarbonization, according to them, who also suggested that the first step is to study the economics of using coal to secure power supply, curb new coal power generation, improve energy efficiency of existing coal power units, use the carbon market as an important driving force for carbon mitigation and economic restructuring through expanded market coverage and carbon caps, and promote the application of carbon financial tools and the establishment of an international carbon market. The second step is to promote the reform of international financial institutions and multilateral development banks, and use diversified debt instruments to help developing countries achieve their climate goals, they said. The third step, is to promote rules-based international trade and to help with China’s cooperation on bilateral, multilateral, and regional platforms, said the experts.

They agreed that, with the new global environment of multiple crises, the CCICED Climate Special Policy Study should focus on key issues of domestic energy transition and energy security; refer to global issues such as investment, international trade, and supply chain to offer timely advice on climate change; and further propel international cooperation and dialogue.

Experts present at the meeting included Scott Vaughan, CCICED’s International Chief Advisor; Wang Yi, Member of CCICED, Member of the 14th National People’s Congress of China, and Professor of the Institutes of Science and Development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Kate Hampton, CCICED Member, CCICED Climate Special Policy Study’s International Co-Lead, and CEO of CIFF; Zou Ji, CCICED Special Advisor, CCICED Climate Special Policy Study’s International Co-Lead, and CEO and President of Energy Foundation China; Zhang Minwen, Deputy Director-General of the International Economics and Finance Institute; Wang Zhixuan, Vice President of China Electricity Council and Member of China’s National Expert Committee on Climate Change; Zhang Yongwei, Vice Chair and Secretary General of China EV100; Wang Luo, Director of the Institute of International Development Cooperation at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation; Yuan Jiahai, Professor of the School of Economics and Management of North China Electric Power University; Duan Maosheng, Deputy Director of the Institute of Energy, Environment, and Economy of Tsinghua University; Zhang Huiyong, Deputy Director of CCICED Secretariat of China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment. The meeting was hosted by Lei Hongpeng, CCICED Special Advisor, CIFF’s Regional Director of South East and East Asia, and CIFF’s Chief Representative of China.


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