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The Sunnylands Statement Represents a Milestone for Climate Diplomacy, U.S.-China Relations, and Global Climate Governance

The Sunnylands Statement, coming at a moment of great changes in the world, is a milestone in U.S.-China climate cooperation. It has important diplomatic implications and can shape the global fight against the climate crisis. The statement shows that, despite complicated relations, China and the United States share genuine, clear, and extensive common interests, and have a solid foundation for bilateral and multilateral cooperation. It also shows that collaboration is the right direction for the U.S.-China relationship. The statement is a good starting point and sends a signal of confidence.

The statement makes clear that both countries support the G20 Leaders Declaration to pursue efforts to triple renewable energy capacity globally by 2030, and intend to accelerate renewable energy deployment in their respective economies. This signifies a strengthened consensus between China and the United States on a pivotal topic in the global energy transition—establishing a renewables-dominant power system.

China's wind and solar power have expanded exponentially in recent years, with an addition of another 200 gigawatts capacity in 2023 a certainty. China’s production capacity for renewable power equipment can help provide cost-effective solutions for the global goal of tripling the installed capacity of wind and solar power. In the next steps, stakeholders should facilitate free trade and investment around the world for achieving the overarching tripling goal, and help accelerate the deployment of renewable energy across the United States, Europe, China, and other developing countries, thereby fostering the coordinated advancement of global economic growth and climate mitigation.

We believe the Sunnylands Statement represents a historical milestone in climate diplomacy, U.S.-China relations, and global climate governance.

Zou Ji
CEO & President of Energy Foundation China


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