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Water Seminar Kicked off Research on Environmental Governance Fit for Carbon Neutrality

On November 8, 2021, the Environmental Management Program of Energy Foundation China and the Department of Environmental Management of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering at Peking University held a carbon neutrality and water seminar to kick off their research for the collaborative governance of environmental and climate issues in China. Liu Xin, Director of the Environmental Management Program, hosted the seminar, which was attended by 13 experts and scholars including Academician Ni Jinren of Peking University, Researcher Long Di of Tsinghua University, Professor Zhang Chao of Tongji University, Researcher Bai Xue of China’s National Institute of Standardization, Director Fu Xiaotian of the World Resources Institute, and Director Zhang Xiaolan of the Foreign Cooperation and Exchange Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment. They discussed on topics such as water protection and carbon mitigation coordination, China’s future targets for water resources management, and carbon peaking and neutrality goals on multiple spatial scales including for industrial parks, China, and the whole world.

Thirteen experts attended the carbon neutrality and water seminar held by Peking University and Energy Foundation China on November 8, 2021.
Photo by Peking University

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