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  • Clean Power

    Clean Power

    To put the Chinese power sector on a clean, low-carbon trajectory, one that over the next 35 years aligns with a worldwide strategy to limit global warming to 2℃.

  • Industry


    To contribute to China’s accomplishment of an early carbon peak and carbon neutrality and the achievement of multiple co-benefits during the process, by supporting the development of strategies and sectoral goals and assisting in deep decarbonization of the heavy industry.

  • Transportation


    To establish an advanced, efficient, and structurally optimized clean transportation system in China that will help improve air quality, achieve early carbon peaking and neutrality, and identify best practices for the global fight against climate change.

  • Low Carbon Cities Program

    Low Carbon Cities Program

    To assist Chinese cities to peak their carbon emissions as early as possible and drop quickly thereafter by establishing a low carbon development pathway.

  • Low Carbon Economic Growth

    Low Carbon Economic Growth

    To assist China to adopt a new economic model that harnesses fresh growth drivers, facilitates initiatives for world-class air quality, peaks carbon emissions as early as possible, and places the country on a trajectory for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2060.

  • Environmental Management

    Environmental Management

    To achieve win-win outcomes for clean air, clean water, and safe climate by developing national and local air and water policies that encourage sustainable energy solutions.

  • Strategic Communications

    Strategic Communications

    To build the narrative on China’s low carbon transition, improve stakeholder and public understanding of and support to the vision, pathways, and benefits of achieving carbon peaking and neutrality early, and mobilize whole-of-society engagement in building a zero-carbon future.


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