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Introduction to the Strategic Communications Program

China’s ambitious climate vision will not only shift its energy mix, but also bring profound changes to its economic structure and people’s lifestyle. It is a green story about finding a new decarbonized growth engine for China. Building this new growth story and mobilizing whole-of-society engagement will be crucial to the early achievement of the carbon peaking and neutrality goals.Program Strategy Overview

The Overarching Goal:

The Strategic Communications Program aims to build the narrative on China’s low carbon transition, improve stakeholder and public understanding of and support to the vision, pathways, and benefits of achieving carbon peaking and neutrality early, and mobilize whole-of-society engagement in building a zero-carbon future.

Program Initiatives:

  1. Build a strong new growth story narrative to construct shared purposes and influence the choices of pathways/actions toward carbon neutrality.
  2. Promote green and low carbon consumption and lifestyles; and
  3. Build the capacity of the field on strategic communications.

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