Communication Intervention on Low Carbon Consumption

Communication Intervention on Low Carbon Consumption

Publish Date:
Mar 16, 2021

In July 2020, supported by Energy Foundation China, the Center for Environmental Education and Communications, a think tank overseen by China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection of China, released this research report on how to use communication to guide people’s low carbon consumption behavior.

The report explains the significance of low carbon consumption in China to the global fight against climate change, analyzes the potential of carbon emissions reductions in China’s residential consumption sector and the constraints preventing the potential to be fully realized, puts forward a viable 2030/2050 strategy and policy suggestions for decarbonizing residents’ consumption choices, identify creative communication tools to direct the public to low carbon products and services, and summarizes guidelines for residents’ low carbon consumption behavior. The researchers hope the report can help decarbonized consumption gain popularity in people’s hearts and minds, and thus send a clear mitigation signal to the production side as well.

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