Global Energy Infrastructure Emissions and Their Lock-in Effect

Global Energy Infrastructure Emissions and Their Lock-in Effect

Publish Date:
Dec 1, 2021

In December 2021, supported by Energy Foundation China, the Institute for Carbon Neutrality at Tsinghua University released this research report estimating emissions of global energy infrastructure and analyzing how to reduce their lock-in effect.

The report tracks the development of major energy infrastructure in sectors such as power, steel, cement, and motor vehicles over the past three decades and analyzes changes and driving factors of carbon emissions of energy infrastructure in major emerging economies. The report also examines the infrastructure’s carbon emission lock-in effect and its impact on the realization of global climate goals, identifies the challenges faced by global energy infrastructure in their green transformation, and puts forward policy suggestions.

Through building a plant-level database for global energy production and consumption infrastructure emissions, the research aims to provide basic data for more scientific research and policy analysis.

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