International Experience with Distributed and Rural Renewable Energy

International Experience with Distributed and Rural Renewable Energy

Publish Date:
Jul 1, 2002

The following papers were authored by the Center for Resource Solutions for the China Energy Research Society and the China State Development Planning Commission's Center for Renewable Energy Development. For more information on their projects in China, check out our grants list and their website

Non-grid RE Experiences Intl Case Studies.doc: This paper provides a thorough review of critical federal and local governmental policies that can be helpful in promoting rural, off-grid renewable energy development. It provides three case studies from Nepal, Kenya and Chile that illustrate the implementation of a range of policy models. The paper analyses the relative effectiveness of each policy model as it applies to China. (15 pages)

Certification of Off-grid RE Systems.doc: This is a discussion of certification programs for off-grid renewable energy systems. It contains a summary of the two most prominent international bodies for small-scale solar certification and the issues associated with using these standards in combination with nationally developed standards. The memo gives two cases studies on PV certification work that is being done in China and Nepal. (8 pages)

Financing Off-grid PV.doc: This memo outlines different schemes that have been used to finance solar PV projects including cash financing, credit financing, and leasing. The memo provides case studies from different countries and an analysis of lessons learned. (6 pages) 

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