Presentations from the "U.S. Integration Experiences" Workshop

Presentations from the "U.S. Integration Experiences" Workshop

Publish Date:
Aug 25, 2010

 The Energy Foundation's China Sustainable Energy Program prepared and held a workshop entitled “U.S. Integration Experiences” on July 2, 2010. Experts from the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), an international partner of the Energy Foundation, delivered presentations to Chinese renewable energy and grid integration researchers. The participants of this workshop included Chinese experts from the Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission, the State Grid Energy Research Institute, the State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, the China Electric Power Research Institute, North China Electric Power University, and the China Wind Energy Association.

PPTs of the presentations given by the CRS experts, listed below, are available on the Energy Foundation website:

1. 'Solar Valuation,' Ryan Wiser (CN-EN)

2. 'Wind Forecasting in North America,' Kevin Porter (CN-EN)

3. 'Curtailment Policy,' Kevin Porter (CN-EN)

4. 'Doing a Wind Integration Study,' Kevin Porter

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