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EF China in the News

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Mar 27, 2023

To prevent the risk of stranded assets, coal power needs to be transformed in a safe and orderly manner

May 24, 2022


May 13, 2022


Sep 9, 2021
People's Daily

Mutual trust crucial for China-US climate cooperation: experts

US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry (left) meets China Special Envoy for Climate Change Xie Zhenhua in Shanghai. (File photo: Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment)

EF China News

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Nov 17, 2023
Nov 13, 2023

EF China Hosts International Philanthropy and Think Tank Roundtable With Chinese Climate Officials in LA

On November 9, 2023, Energy Foundation China (EF China) hosted a roundtable for international climate philanthropies and think tanks in Los Angeles, California, inviting high-level climate officials from China to meet them and discuss how China and the U.S. can strengthen cooperation in climate governance and decarbonization.
Nov 7, 2023
Oct 31, 2023

EF China and UNESCAP Co-Hosted Transport and Coal Dialogues at Asia-Pacific Energy Forum

On October 19 and 20, 2023, the Third Asian and Pacific Energy Forum, organized by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) was held during the Asia-Pacific Energy Week and attended by nearly 300 officials from 40 countries and 10 international organizations.

Program Updates

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Nov 28, 2023
Nov 28, 2023

Coal Transition Quarterly - Issue 9

The Coal Transition Quarterly is a serial newsletter of the Coal Transition Task Force (TF) at Energy Foundation China (EFC). It provides an overview of major developments on coal phase-out and environmental, social, and economic issues in China and beyond.
Oct 9, 2023
Sep 20, 2023


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Nov 8, 2023

A Retrospective and Prospective Study on 20 Years’ Mobile Source Emissions Control in Megacities of China

In December 2022, Tsinghua University, in collaboration with institutions including the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, and with support from Energy Foundation China, jointly released A Retrospective and Prospective Study on 20 Years’ Mobile Source Emissions Control in Megacities of China.
Jul 29, 2023

Optimization Solutions for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure: A Case Study of Shanghai

In May 2023, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the China Electric Vehicle Association jointly released this report about how to optimize the construction and operation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in China, based on their analysis of what is happening in Shanghai. The report was supported by Energy Foundation China.
Jul 29, 2023

Medium and Long-Term Strategies for Synergistic Control of Ozone, PM2.5, and GHGs in China and Air Quality Improvement Strategies for Climate Synergy in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

From 2022 to 2023, Energy Foundation China supported a research team led by Lu Keding from Peking University to study how to cut ozone, fine particulate matter (PM2.5), and greenhouse gas emissions at the same time.
Jul 29, 2023

Optimization Strategies for High-Speed Rail and Air Travel With China’s Dual Carbon Goals

In July 2023, with the support of Energy Foundation China, the Integrated Transport Research Center of China at Beijing Jiaotong University released this research report discussing how to strike a balance between high-speed rail (HSR) and air transport that can help China achieve its dual goals for carbon peaking and neutrality early.

Case Studies

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Dec 23, 2014

The Genesis of China’s Renewable Energy Law

The Renewable Energy Law provided the institutional backing needed to stimulate China's renewable energy industry, resolving important open questions on total quantity targets, feed-in tariffs, compulsory power purchase, cost allocation, and special funds.
Dec 23, 2014

Getting China's First Commercial Renewable Energy Micro-grid Project Up and Running

In 2009, Energy Foundation China’s Renewable Energy Program (CRE) supported the planning and development of a distributed PV-based smart micro-grid pilot in Xinjiang’s Turpan New District.
Dec 23, 2014

Planning for a Sustainable Energy Future

Long-term planning based on solid analysis is important to Chinese decision-makers. In early-2000, the Chinese government put forward a goal of doubling the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 2020. The implications for the energy system were unclear. Could China create a sustainable energy future and at the same time continue to meet its growth goals?
Dec 23, 2014

Test Piloting Low-carbon Development

In China, many policy innovations are first tested out in pilots; LCDP prioritized this approach in supporting new ideas and grantees.


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Nov 29, 2023
Nov 21, 2023
Oct 29, 2023
Oct 27, 2023

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