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published Jan 22, 2014 03:50 PM, last modified Sep 28, 2017 12:19 PM
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The Environmental Management Program is interested in efforts to:

  1. Support China on air quality national policy making and creating a policy-enabling environment, by supporting efforts to set mid-long term air quality targets and strengthen the regulatory structure; help China build a proactive and constructive NGO and public engagement environment, with business allies, to push for aggressive air quality and GHG reduction policy development and implementation;
  2. Support China on air quality local implementation: support implementation of national air quality policies and action plans at local levels and achieve (or exceed) expected emission reductions and air quality improvements; encourage the adoption of sustainable energy (energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable urbanization) measures to achieve air quality and climate mitigation goals; and
  3. Protect Clean water resources and achieve sustainable development for both energy and water. 

The China Environmental Management Program seeks to help China achieve clean air, clean water, and climate mitigation targets through air quality national policy and a better policy-enabling environment, strong local implementation of air quality management, and sustainable development solutions for both energy and water. Our grants target high-leverage national and regional policy opportunities for tightening overall environmental and air quality regulation, and energy-water policies.

China’s environmental laws and regulations are neither ideal nor well implemented, and the government agency responsible for environmental protection is understaffed and lacks sufficient authority. This greatly hinders environmental protection and the policies that address climate change.

The country’s increasing focus on air pollution is now helping to spur climate-change mitigation policy. Integrated strategies to address both air pollution and climate change can maximize emissions reductions and environmental benefits with limited investment, while protecting public health.

In addition to air pollution, China also faces great challenges on water resources management, and some of the challenges are closely related to energy development. Solutions to ensure both sustainable energy development and also sustainable development for water are critical for China going forward.

The Environmental Management Program provides support for the development and implementation of environmental laws and regulations, such as the amendment of China’s Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Control Law. The program also supports capacity-building for China’s environmental management authorities—the Ministry of Environmental Protection and local environmental protection bureaus—and improvement of China’s air quality management systems via local air quality management pilots. The program also supports policies and actions that aim to achieve sustainable development for both energy and water.


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