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published Jan 22, 2014 02:20 PM, last modified Sep 28, 2017 05:39 PM

The Transportation Program is interested in efforts to: 

  1. Support building a fuel-efficiency regulation system that covers all vehicle categories in China and gradually approaches international best practice levels;
  2. Support developing the increasingly stringent vehicle emissions standards and clean fuel standards with stong effective implementation, and regulate the emissions of short lived climate forcers;
  3. Promote the rapid development and commercialization of new energy vehicles, with the goal to achieve zero emissions; and
  4. Promote the integration of China’s road, rail, and other transportation modes, and especially encourage a shift toward more efficient options for long-distance freight transport.

The China Transportation Program supports policy development to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption in the transportation sector, and to improve air quality by reducing criteria air pollutant emissions from mobile sources.

China is the world’s largest new-vehicle market, and its road, rail, aviation and water transportation account for more than 50 percent of national oil consumption. The need to address oil security and urban air pollution has become more critical than ever. In cities like Beijing, vehicle emissions have become one of the largest emissions sources. However, regulation stringency in China is still lagging behind and policy enforcement still has significant space for improvement. The oil and auto industries are strong while environmental regulators have neither sufficient authority nor enough capacity to address deteriorating air quality from vehicle emissions.

To contend with these challenges, the Transportation Program works with the national and local governments to develop and implement more stringent laws, regulations, and standards, promote the deployment of new energy vehicles, and establish a clean transportation system with advanced technologies, efficient management, and optimized structure.

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