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published Mar 30, 2016 03:35 PM, last modified Sep 28, 2017 12:18 PM
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The Clean Power Program is interested in efforts to: 

  1. Assist China with improving power system planning and operation, and accelerating investment in and use of low- and zero-carbon resources.
  2. Assist China with solidifying a power sector regulatory framework and market mechanisms that will support the basic principles of emissions reduction, energy savings, and renewable energy, stated in the 2015 power sector reform plan.
  3. To help break down barriers, ensure development of robust business models and supporting regulatory frameworks, and facilitate an aggressive long-term vision for distributed renewables.
  4. To improve industrial policies and support long-term strategy development for securing a high renewable energy penetration future.
  5. To create an atmosphere that accelerates policymaking that will put China on a clean, low-carbon trajectory by halting construction of coal plants, capping coal consumption, and by helping ensure that power sector reforms lead to aggressive investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency resources.


The overarching goal of Clean Power program is to put the Chinese power sector on a clean, low-carbon trajectory, one that over the next 35 years aligns with a worldwide strategy to limit global warming to 2º C or lower. To support this 2º C vision, we strive to peak China’s power sector carbon emissions by 2025 and to acquire more than 80 percent the country’s electricity from renewables by 2050.

The power sector has been growing rapidly, with wind and solar as big parts of this growth. China is now a global leader in renewable energy, accounting for more installed onshore wind and solar PV capacity than any country in the world. But coal-fired capacity also continues to grow rapidly. Roughly half of the coal consumed in China is burnt in the power sector, producing 72 percent of the country’s electricity (in 2013) and making it the largest single source of carbon emissions in China.

Clean Power Program priorities focus on three major categories to achieve the goals above: 1) to reduce coal consumption and increase use of renewables in the power sector through improving power system planning and operation; 2) to reform the power sector to favor clean energy resources; and 3) to increase investment in renewables and end-use efficiency.


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