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Feb 4, 2017

MOU Signed to Launch an Urbanization Forum

China Academy of Urban Planning & Design (CAUPD) and EF China signed on January 19 a memorandum of understanding on establishing ‘China's Urbanization Think Tank Forum’
Dec 3, 2015

Supporting Chinese Cities to an early Peaking of Carbon Emissions — 22 Non-Profit Organizations Release the Ten Key Principles of Low Carbon Urbanization

The China Urban Sustainability Coalition, along with multiple non-profit organizations that advocate for sustainable urbanization in China, jointly released the Ten Key Principles of Low Carbon Urbanization on December 3rd in Paris, at China Pavilion of the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21), offering recommendations for Chinese cities’ transition towards a green and low-carbon development model.

Program Updates

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Nov 9, 2020

Urban Retrofits in Shanghai Inspire Green, People-First Development Across China

Shanghai celebrated a major achievement for green urban development and people-friendly mobility in September 2020 as the iconic Nanjing East Road became fully pedestrianized.
Apr 17, 2020

First Online Workshop of “Promoting Individual Low-carbon Consumption” was Held

On March 26th of 2020, organized by Energy Foundation China (EF China) and Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), International Technical Supporting Platform for City Emission Peaking (ISP-CEP) held the first online workshop of “Promoting Individual Low-carbon Consumption”. Representatives and experts from China National Textile and Apparel Council, Didi, Meituan-Dianping, Carbonstop, ClimateWorks Foundation and 11 members organization of ISP-CEP jointly attended the workshop.
Dec 17, 2019


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Apr 27, 2022

District Energy Development Planning for Buildings: A Summary Report

In November 2021, the ZKHY Energy Internet Research Institute released this summary report about how to make holistic district-level energy development planning for buildings. Support for this research came from Energy Foundation China.
Apr 27, 2022

Qingdao’s Energy Development Strategy for the 14th Five-Year Plan Period

In January 2022, with support from Energy Foundation China, SinoCarbon Innovation and Investment published this research report proposing a viable five-year clean energy strategy for Qingdao, the bustling city of 10 million people on China’s east coast.
Apr 26, 2022

Green Mobility Standards and Supporting Policies

In October 2021, with support from Energy Foundation China, the China Academy of Transportation Sciences published this research report proposing a set of standards that evaluate green mobility of cities and identifying the supporting policies that can make public transport greener.
Apr 26, 2022

Shanghai Huangpu Riverfront Evaluation: Toward a Connected and Lively Riverfront for People

In July 2021, with support from Energy Foundation China, Beijing Chaoyang Yuheng Sustainable Transportation Research Center and Gehl Architects jointly published this report evaluating how the retrofitting of the Huangpu River waterfront has improved public space for millions of residents in Shanghai.

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