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Leading Economists and Scientists Explored China’s Mid-Century Strategy for Climate Mitigation


On March 27-28, the “China’s Mid-Century Strategy for Climate Mitigation: Framing and Methodologies” seminar was held in Beijing, with support from Energy Foundation China, 2050 Pathways Platform, and the International Energy Agency.  Leading economists and climate scientists attended the close-door seminar, including those from the Development Research Center of the State Council, National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation, International Energy Agency, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory of the U.S., and Institutes of Science and Development of the Chinese Academusy of Sciences.

After discoursing on subjects such as China’s mid-century development strategy, the economic and environmental pathway toward an ecological civilization, and the Belt and Road initiative and its climate implications, experts identified key factors in China’s economic transformation and their correlations, enhancing common ground among the research institutions as they study China’s medium and long-term climate strategies that are consistent with the country’s new economic model.


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