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Shenzhen Seminar Explored Climate Communication Strategy in Light of New Carbon Goals

Energy Foundation China and the China Global Philanthropy Institute co-hosted the “Strategic Communications College” Shenzhen Seminar on May 28, 2021. Twenty representatives from environmental organizations in southern China discussed the new strategy of communicating climate and sustainable energy topics in light of China’s carbon peaking and carbon neutrality pledges.

Energy Foundation China first initiated the strategic communications capacity building program for the climate field in 2017. This seminar marked the debut of the Strategic Communications College in southern China. It was focused on the impact of China’s new carbon goals on the institutional and communications strategies of non-for-profit environmental organizations.


Photo by China Global Philanthropy Institute (CGPI)

Professor Haoming HUANG, Vice President of the China Global Philanthropy Institute, and Hui JING, Director of the Strategic Communications at Energy Foundation China, shared their insights on the program’s two components respectively—Organizational Strategy and Strategic Communications and Fast Pass to Carbon Neutrality via Communications. The seminar also invited Ergeng Culture Media, a leading mobile videos platform, to share typical cases of how short-form videos can help with communications for philanthropic topics. The ideas presented by the three guests were highly welcomed by the audience.

At the group discussion session, representatives from 11 organizations—including Harmony Community Foundation, Vanke Foundation, and China Zero Waste Alliance—introduced their organizational adjustments in terms of communications strategy after the carbon peaking and neutrality goals were announced in September 2020, and shared their communications cases regarding low carbon lifestyle.

Going forward, Energy Foundation China plan to serve more partners in the field via the Strategic Communications College, boost cooperation among non-for-profit organizations, and enhance their ability in shaping public narrative on climate issues.

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