Comprehensive Application Research on Renewable Energy in Building

Comprehensive Application Research on Renewable Energy in Building

Publish Date:
Dec 2, 2011

Turpan City New Area is located on the Gobi Desert in the east of Turpan downtown, which has plenty of solar resources. New Area makes full use of the advantages of local solar energy and other types of renewable energy, considering the features of local climate and culture, carries out the research on the comprehensive application of solar energy photoelectricity, photothermal energy and other renewable energy source technologies in urban architectural complex. To incorporate the application of solar electrical enery generation and grid-tied systematic technology, innovative energy management system has been adopted to develop green traffic system and construct the management system of numeral ecological city. The final purpose is figuring out a sustainability mode of new-type city making full use of the low energy consumption and low discharge of renewable energy. The research project focuses on the basic research on dynamic load calculation methods and application combined with the needs of the project.

Research Purpose
The traditional construction power consumption calculating method is steady state method; the research project will put forward the application of dynamic load forecast method, considering the regulating and controlling needs of photovoltaic construction microgrid, and will make a contrastive study and analysis of dynamic method and traditional steady state method, thus yielding key points and principles of dynamic forcast method.

Research Method
The paper first analyzes the drawbacks of the traditional steady state index system used to forecast construction power consumption load, and then puts forward the possible advantages of dynamic load forcast method through contrastive approach and analyzes factors of dynamic load forecast method and build mathematical model so as to raise principles, key points and applicability of dynamic forecast method. Turpan New Town is taken as an example to introduce how to calculate variation of power consumption via dynamic method in the implementation of photovoltaic construction integration project.

Research Result
Through the analysis in this paper, dynamic load calculation method is applied to design photovoltaic construction integration, which is more accurate in the calculation of power consumption and has more instructions for microgrid system configuration compared with traditional steady state method.

The paper makes a contrastive study of the differences of the forcast of power consumption load between traditional steady state method and dynamic method applied in the design of photovoltaic construction integration. The advantages of dynamic method can be figured out. The paper puts forward the key points of calculation and factors of dynamic forecast mthod and makes attempts combined with practical projects. The paper enjoys an actual significance to the application of renewable energy in construction and provides a referential value for the constructions of the same kind.

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