Study on the Promotion Mechanism for Green Development of Affordable Housing in Shenzhen

Study on the Promotion Mechanism for Green Development of Affordable Housing in Shenzhen

Publish Date:
May 2, 2012

In order to actively respond to the state’s call to vigorously promote green building and circulareconomy, Shenzhen has made numerous efforts in the field of green building. Firstly, aiming at green city and low-carbon ecological city, Shenzhen established a new development direction of urban construction from a high starting point. Early in March 2008, Shenzhen municipal government announced nine associated documents including “The (2008-2010) action program on the construction of ecological civilization in Shenzhen” and “The action plan of creating a city of green building”, and put forward the goal of building a city of green building, elevating the green building to the urban construction development strategy. Secondly, a complete system of regulations and standards for green buildings has been gradually formed. It has promulgated regulations and policies including Rules on Building Energy Efficiency in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Rules on Emission Reduction and Utilization of Construction Wastes in Shenzhen, Management Procedures of Shenzhen on Ready-mixed Concrete and Ready-mixed Mortar and standard systems including Regulations on Assessment of Green Buildings in Shenzhen and Shenzhen Green Communities Planning and Designing Guideline, so as to provide the legal basis and technical support for the development of green buildings in Shenzhen. Thirdly, lead by the demonstration projects, facilitating the green building development from individual building to building complex. So far, Shenzhen has initiated about 100 green building pilot projects and a national green building demonstration district (Guangming New District). The above-mentioned work has laid the foundation for promoting the large-scale development of green building in Shenzhen.

The construction of affordable housing is a major task of the national “twelfth five-year” plan of construction industry. In order to guarantee the quality of construction and build an ecological low-carbon city, Shenzhen requires that all affordable houses must be constructed in line with the green building standards, and achieve the bronze grade or above which specified by “Regulations on assessment of green buildings in Shenzhen”. Nevertheless, affordable housing has its own distinctive features, including heavily depending on the government investment which requires low construction cost; remote construction site with insufficient auxiliary facilities; small size of house but high resident density; high plot ratio and building density; weak economic strength of residents which requireslow maintenance and operation cost; high public attention and significant social influence , and it also requires a short construction period , etc. There are many barriers to the full realization of the green building of this particular type of building. 

Therefore, in order to comprehensively push forward the construction and development of green affordable housing in Shenzhen, so as to provide an agreeable residential and living environment, to meet the residents' needs in both material and spiritual life, and to provide technical support to build green, low-carbon, livable and convenient affordable housing residential communities, the present project mainly includes work carried out in the following four aspects:

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