Research on evaluation standard for green store building and analysis on green building operation efficiency

Research on evaluation standard for green store building and analysis on green building operation efficiency

Publish Date:
Nov 20, 2013

It is an important measure to promote energy efficiency and emission reduction in the way of Green building. The pollution brought by buildings accounts for one third of the total pollution in 2012, construction rubbish reaches hundreds of millions every year, domestic wastewater reaches 5.8 million cube meter produced everyday. The energy consumption ratio of construction has grew from 10% to 27.5% since 1978. If consideredthe material product and construction course, it would be more than 40% of total energy usage. Otherwise it also brings about large energy and resource consumption in building operation. Green building, Energy saving and emission reduction, can reduce building energy usage and Greenhouse gas emissions which have great significance to achieve the target of reduction 40-45% of carbon dioxide emission per GDP by 2020.

On the back ground of Energy saving and emission reduction, we have got rapid development since the first Green building standard “Green building assessment standard” ( GB/T50378-2006) was published in 1st June in 2006. But for its late on promotion, a lot of research work should be done in standard systerm for different climate zone and different building styles in China. Now we have get national standard “Green building assessment standard” and industrial standard “Public green house bdesign guidance” JGJ/T 229-2010 and “Tobacco green industrial building design standard” YC/T 396-2011, “Green industrial building assessment standard” and “Green office building assessment standard” is under preparation for publish, “Green hospital building assessment standard” is still under written. Commercial building is one of the largest energy consumption public buildings now, based on the current development of Green building and considered its trend, the project startted from the fast growing commercial buildings and did detail survey in their problems such as high energy cost , bad functions, bad indoor environment, low usage ratio and others, learned about its characters clearly, assimilated research achievement in home and abroad, built up scientific and reasonable Green commercial building assessment standard system, to promote China Green building development and provide some references and guidances to the gorvenment.

On the other hand, with the improving and corresponding policies assessment system finished, Green building has been to a fast development stage. Green building granted numbers grew fast every year, but for its limitted developing time, Green designed certificated buildings and Green operated certificated ones did not go neck and neck. So the project did some research work and analysised the certificatided buildings whether have got intended effect in energy efficiency, water saving , land saving , materials saving and environment friendly aspect in their operation stage and their whole life cycle. Analyzed the technique impliment problems and gave some advices and suggestions to ensure the operation is in the right way as designed and to ensure the buildings research the expected goal in Energy saving and emission reduction and Environment protection.

At the same time, The capacity of national and local Green building developing and international communication are powerful guarantee for China Green building development,but it must be fully respected differences in economy, resources, humanities, conditions in different local areas. We should put forward corresponded support policy combined with the practical situation of the local green building development. At present, some provinces and cities have launched local green building evaluation standards, carried out one star andtwo star green building evaluations. But with the scale and industrialization green building development pattern in China, the capacity of local government for green building couldn't keep up with the development pace of green architecture, the local policies for green building needs further perfect, the research level of green building remains to be further promoted, the system of green building standards needs further to form, the evaluation ability for green building remains to further promote, the demonstration of green building remains to further promote. Project research analyses the level of the local capacity of green building throughout the country, the development policies for green building, the research level on green building, the international exchanges for green buildings, the evaluation standard systems for green building, the professionals and the training institutions. This report found out the actual level around the development of green building in China, and puts forward reasonable suggestions on promotion of demonstration and accelerating the pace of work for green building.

Based on the research above, the project has written four research reports: “the evaluation on index system of green commercial building research report”, “green commerial building evaluation standard”, “green building operations research effect analysis report” and “green building local capacity and international communication research report”.

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