A Synergetic Strategy of Economic Growth for Guangzhou

A Synergetic Strategy of Economic Growth for Guangzhou

Publish Date:
Feb 7, 2021
Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion

With support from Energy Foundation China, Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, an affiliation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, released this research report in July 2020 exploring how to achieve sustainable economic growth in Guangzhou with multiple targets of carbon peaking, minimal coal consumption, and air quality attainment.

The research establishes a comprehensive evaluation model to analyze the synergy and potential of energy conservation in various fields, such as power generation, industry, transportation, and buildings. Based on scenario analysis, it also predicts how well the multiple objectives would be achieved, to what degree synergy could be realized, how big the expenditure costs might be, and how the macro economy would be impacted.

Researchers hope their findings can be helpful for Guangzhou’s decision-makers, as they try to steer the city to more sustainable growth.

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