The Development of building energy performance benchmarking tools in China

The Development of building energy performance benchmarking tools in China

Publish Date:
Oct 30, 2011

Building energy consumption benchmark is important for determining and analyzing the energy efficiency. Compared with the developed countries in Europe and America, the work foundation of building energy consumption benchmark is bad in China, such as, no comprehensive data acquisition system, shortage of building energy consumption and basic fundamental data. For the purpose of acquisition of building energy consumption data, the domestic government, scientific research institutes have made some achievements in recent years. Some of the large real estate developers and property management companies gradually realize the importance of building basic data, and begin to collect data for s several years. Meanwhile, many domestic scholars make some data analysis about the characteristics and existing problems of buildings in China. However, it has not been solved properly so far how to establish the benchmark tools to determine the level of building energy efficiency. In this paper, it will take the hotel building for example to complete the following several works for establishing the benchmark tool of public buildings in China.

1. Make a comparison and analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of principles, characteristics and applications between several typical energy consumption benchmark tools in developed countries of Europe and America.
2. Summarize the statistical analysis work of public building energy consumption data in China; Based on the summarization of public building energy consumption characteristics all over the China, support some useful data for establishing public building energy consumption benchmark tools.
3. Classifying mathematical statistical method, analyzing the advantages and disadvantages, combined with the characteristics of public building energy consumption data, select appropriate statistical tools.
4. Take hotel buildings for example, introduce the process of setup the data filters, selecting independent variables, establishing a model, evaluating model and technology of how to solve the key problems. Finally, establish hotel building energy consumption benchmark tool model and evaluation method basically.
5. Improve multiple regression model by choosing some unary model and establish more outstanding model.

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