Presentations from the China-U.S. Renewable Energy Grid Integration Workshop on Dec 7 and 8, 2010

Co-sponsored by CSEP and U.S. DOE, a large-scale China-U.S. Renewable Energy Grid Integration Workshop was held in Beijing on Dec 7 and 8, 2010. This workshop was initiated by CSEP and BPN experts and organized by the China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI) in cooperation with the NREL. More than 200 participants from research institutions, government departments, generation companies, grid companies, and RE manufacturers attended the workshop. U.S. experts shared the methodologies and results of U.S. RE integration and transmission studies, introduced management measures and technical solutions for resolving the integration problem, including large balancing areas, transmission planning, wind forecasting, grid codes, energy storage, coal plant flexibility, etc. The workshop facilitated in-depth discussions on RE grid integration issues between experts and practitioners of the two countries and helped inform future directions of China's RE integration studies.

PPTs of the presentations given by the experts, listed below, are available on the Energy Foundation website:

Related Issues about Wind Power Development and Integration_JIANG Liping
Grid Integration and Market Consumption of Wind Power_GUO Yanheng
Prospect of Wind Power in China_GAO Hu
Solar PV Interconnection Requirements_Ric
Dynamic Operability of Coal Plants_Ken
Role of Electricity Storage in enabling Renewable Energy Integration_Easan
What is a Wind Integration Study_Kevin
Wind Energy Forecasting_Pascal
Grid Integration of Wind and Solar Power_SHI Baozhuang
Role of Markets, Balancing Authority Areas, and Transmission in Integration_Charles
Integrating Wind Generation on Northwest Power Grids_Ken
RE Integration_International Experiences and Implications for China_Charles
Incentives for Grid-Friendly Wind Power Plants_Ole
Eastern Wind Integration and Transmission Study Results_Charles
Evolution of Grid Code Requirements_Charles

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