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Nov 12, 2021

Coal Reduction Strategy and Roadmap of Zhejiang Province for the 14th Five-Year Plan Period and the Longer-Term

In August 2021, with support from Energy Foundation China, the Zhejiang Economic Information Center published this roadmap report on how to reduce coal consumption in the developed eastern province of Zhejiang by 2025 and further into the future.
Nov 1, 2021

Low Voltage Direct Current Distribution System in Civil Buildings: Research and Dissemination of a Design Standard

In November 2021, with support from Energy Foundation China, Shenzhen Institute of Building Research completed this report providing analysis for a new design standard for low voltage direct current power (LVDC) distribution system in residential and other non-industrial public buildings, as well as summarizing promotion activities for building electrification.
Oct 22, 2021

Building Energy Efficiency Retrofits: Policies and Market Transformation

In October 2021, the Center for Global Sustainability at University of Maryland completed this policy research on building energy efficiency retrofits, with support from Energy Foundation China.
Oct 20, 2021

A Cost Analysis and Risk Assessment of Coal-Fired Power Plants in China

In June 2021, Renmin University released this report analyzing the costs and risks of coal-fired plants in China, with the focus on the transition of the coal power system. Support for this research came from Energy Foundation China.
Oct 20, 2021

A Synergistic Roadmap for Carbon Neutrality and Clean Air in China (2021 Edition)

With support from Energy Foundation China, the China Clean Air Policy Partnership released this report in September 2021, which was co-authored by Tsinghua University’s Institute for Carbon Neutrality and Institute for Global Change Studies, Peking University’s College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, and the Chinese Academy of Environmental Planning.
Oct 15, 2021

China’s Strategy for HFC-23 Reductions Under the Kigali Amendment: An Executive Summary

In August 2021, with Energy Foundation China’s support, Peking University and the Foreign Environmental Cooperation Center, a think tank overseen by China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment, released this executive summary of their cooperative project regarding how China should reduce its hydrofluorocarbon (HFC)-23 emissions to fulfill its Kigali Amendment commitments. A few months earlier, China ratified the amendment to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.
Oct 15, 2021

International Experiences on Airport Emissions Control and Sustainable Development

With Energy Foundation China’s support, Ramboll (Shanghai) Company studied international experiences on how to control airport emissions of criteria and climate pollutants and what can help advance airports’ sustainable development. The findings were published in this report of August 2021.
Oct 15, 2021

Construction and Application of the Green Belt and Road Project Case Library

In July 2021, the Belt and Road Initiative Center, a think tank overseen by China’s National Development and Reform Commission, finished this research report on how it builds and uses a case library for green projects along the Belt and Road.
Oct 15, 2021

Development Strategy and Roadmap of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in China (2021–2035)

In May 2021, the China Society of Automotive Engineers and the Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute of Tsinghua University released this 2035 roadmap report for China’s charging infrastructure, with support from Energy Foundation China.
Oct 15, 2021

Achievements of the Climate Leader Industrial Parks Project

In May 2021, the China Council for an Energy Efficient Economy completed this report documenting its Climate Leader Industrial Parks Project, with support from Energy Foundation China.
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