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Oct 20, 2016

Piloting Energy Management in YUNNAN

In 2015, IIP worked with three energy-intensive factories in Yunnan Province, China, helping them to implement an energy management system and cut their energy use. Here we document the challenges, benefits and methodology of our pilot project, which ran from August 2015 to April 2016, and discuss how similar enterprises can apply the learnings to secure energy efficiency in their own plants.
Jun 30, 2014

Policy Research on Construction Waste Recycling and Reutilization

This project has analyzed the construction waste recycling and reutilization situation at home and abroad, which included laws and regulations, preferential policy, supervision mechanism, technical system and so on, and then it has made clear the gap and problems between China and foreign countries. Through establishing the production amount estimation model of construction waste in China, the project has realized the estimating of production amount of every year, the total amount, and the forecasting amount in 2020.
Dec 21, 2007

The Research on China’s Energy Efficiency Standards Implementation and Monitoring System

Related certification system for energy conservation products has been implemented since 1998, and energy labeling system for household refrigerators ...
Dec 21, 2007

Technical supporting report for China energy efficiency standard for external power supplies

China energy efficiency standard for external power supplies has been issued on May 21,2007 and been implenmented on Dec 1,2008.
Jul 23, 2006

The Impact of Air-Conditioning Use on Shanghai's Energy Situation in 2010

Improving the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems, which on hot summer days account for up to 40 percent of Shanghai's entire power load, is...
Jun 10, 2005

China Industry Program: Strategy and Project Descriptions

Download a short description of the Industry program's latest strategy and projects.
Jun 7, 2005

Feasibility Study on 'Reach' Energy Efficiency Standards of Fans, Pumps, and Air Compressors

The China National Institute of Standardization carried out a 'Feasibility Study on 'Reach' Energy Efficiency Standards of Fans, Pumps, and Air Compre...
Sep 29, 2003

Research on Cogneration Policy in Shanghai

Shanghai municipal government seeks to increase its natural gas consumption through the development of clean cogeneration, also known as combined heat...
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