Feasibility Study on Promoting Passive Residential Housing in China

Feasibility Study on Promoting Passive Residential Housing in China

Publish Date:
Dec 20, 2013

Building energy efficiency is critical to national energy conservation and sustainable development, and is an important part of national strategy on energy security. Building energy efficient technologies have developed to a higher level in developed countries with passive house, zero-energy building and even energy plus building are constructed in succession. The practice of constructing passive house which features maximum of reduction of heating (cooling) demand of buildings through improvement of thermal properties of building envelope and full use of renewable energy l has become one of key energy saving measures of many countries to completely get rid of reliance on fossil fuel, such as Germany, Sweden, Austria.

Since 2009, Center of Science and Technology of Construction (CSTC) of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD) and German Energy Agency (dena) has been in cooperation to demonstrate and promote “Low energy building and passive house adaptable to Chinese conditions based on European experience” under sponsorship and guidance of Department of Building Energy Efficiency, Science &Technology of MOUURD as well as German Ministry of Transportation, Construction and Urban Development. This cooperation on promoting passive house in China to reduce energy demand to a maximum level was further emphasized in MOU on Technical Cooperation in Building Energy Efficiency and Low-Carbon Eco-City Development which was signed between MOHURD and German Federal Ministry of transportation, Construction and Urban Development in June 2011. Therefore, both agencies have been exploring the solution to Chinese passive house and low energy building in the aspects of design improvement, selection of energy efficient materials and products, construction quality control and supervision as well as acceptance of building.

The first pilot project of passive house is C15# in Zaishuiyifang Residential Compound which was developed by WuXing Real Estate Co.,Ltd. in Qinhuangdao. This building is 18 floors with a total floor area of 6476m2. With joint efforts in the 4
past three years, this project was completed and tested in 2013 with all the measurement and monitoring results complying with planned requirements and objectives of passive house.

This practice shows that construction and promotion of passive house in China is technically feasible, environmental friendly, healthy and cost-effective. The building achieves huge energy savings without compromising comfort, but rather increasing it.

The pilot project in Qinhuangdao has achieved remarkable energy, environmental and social benefits. It not only lays a technical foundation for further improvement of national building energy efficient standards, but also pushes the upgrading of the building industry. 

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