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May 2, 2012

Study on the Promotion Mechanism for Green Development of Affordable Housing in Shenzhen

The construction of affordable housing is a major task of the national “twelfth five-year” plan of construction industry. In order to guarantee the quality of construction and build an ecological low-carbon city, Shenzhen requires that all affordable houses must be constructed in line with the green building standards, and achieve the bronze grade or above which specified by “Regulations on assessment of green buildings in Shenzhen”.
Apr 30, 2012

Strategic Study on Buildings Energy-efficiency Development in Northern Rural Areas of China

According to "China Rural Statistical Yearbook of 2006", annual household energy consumption for life in rural areas in 30 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) in China has reached 320 million tce, accounting for 20% of total building energy consumption in China. Promoting building energy-saving work northern rural areas is critical to the result of China’s overall building energy efficiency and is related to national energy strategies and sustainable economic and social development.
Dec 2, 2011

Comprehensive Application Research on Renewable Energy in Building

A research and exploration on dynamic load calculation methods appropriate for Turpan New Town photovoltaic project has been accomplished in the research project. And the power consumption of each type of construction by applying such methods in order to lay a foundation for the real-time forecast of power consumption of neighborhoods is calculated with fixed time interval. The research also posits that it is necessary to analyze measured data of subitem collected on the spot in real time in the implementation of project, continuously revise load calculation, forecast power consumption, combine the revised data with forecast data of power consumption and provide support for micro power grid. Through the accumulation of real data on Turpan New Town photovoltaic project and summarization of practical methods and indexes, it provides valuable referential data for other project design and standard revision.
Oct 30, 2011

The Development of building energy performance benchmarking tools in China

Building energy consumption benchmark is important for determining and analyzing the energy efficiency. Compared with the developed countries in Europe and America, the work foundation of building energy consumption benchmark is bad in China, such as, no comprehensive data acquisition system, shortage of building energy consumption and basic fundamental data.
Mar 15, 2011

Planning Cities for People

Outlining eight key prinicples of sustainable urban design, this report addresses the major challenges and solutions for China's rapidly developing urban centers.
Jul 25, 2008

Current Status of Energy Efficiency in Buildings in Hot Summer and Warm Winter Zone

The report is about the energy efficiency codes implementation in Hot Summer and Warm Winter Zone.
Jul 25, 2008

Current Status of Energy Efficiency in Newly-built Buildings in Hot Summer & Cold Winter Area

The report is about Current Status of Energy Efficiency in Newly-built Buildings in Hot Summer & Cold Winter Area and Implementation of “Design Standa...
Jul 23, 2006

Achievement Summary of Pilot City for Building Energy Efficiency in Shenzhen

China's Ministry of Construction (MOC) issued new residential building energy codes for its 'Hot-Summer Warm-Winter' (HSWW) climate zone at the end of...
Jun 10, 2005

China Buildings Program: Strategy and Project Descriptions

Download a short description of the Appliance Standards and Building Codes program's latest strategy and projects.
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