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May 15, 2007

China Renewable Energy Industry Development Report

The 2006 "China Renewable Energy Industry Development Report" was compiled in colaboration by the Energy Bureau of the National Development and Reform...
May 15, 2007

China Renewable Energy Law Implementation Review and Evaluation

The 2006 "China Renewable Energy Law Implementation Review and Evaluation" was drafted by the Energy Research Institute (ERI) of the National Developm...
Aug 7, 2006

The EU Biomass Action Plan

This paper, written by Dr. Ole Langniss, summarizes the Biomass Action Plan published by the European Union on December 7th 2005, as well as the EU’s ...
Jul 5, 2006

A Study of the Environmental Regulatory System for China's Power Industry

The power industry, as an important infrastructure for and an important part of China's national economy, is the largest fixed source of air pollution...
Mar 31, 2006

Policy Study: Gas-fired Power Generation in China (Synthesis Report)

Developing a natural gas market will enable China to meet its growing energy needs without relying exclusively on coal and oil. The first step in dev...
Mar 15, 2006

A Study of Electricity Tariff Policy for Promoting Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Development

This paper analyzes the paths different countries have taken to develop local wind turbine manufacturing industries and their motivations for doing so...
Jun 27, 2005

International Tax Incentives for Renewable Energy: Lessons for Public Policy

Tax incentives are powerful and highly flexible policy tools that can be targeted to encourage specific renewable energy technologies and to impact se...
Jun 27, 2005

International Experience with Policies to Promote Wind Power Industry Development

This report by the Center for Resource Solutions describes general strategies for localization of wind manufacturing and the possible advantages and c...
Jun 27, 2005

Renewable Energy Policies and Markets in the United States

This paper by the Center for Resource Solutions provides an overview of the history of renewable energy policies and markets in the United States and ...
Jun 10, 2005

China Electric Utilities Program: Strategy and Project Descriptions

Download a short description of the Electric Utilities program's latest strategy and projects.

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