Report Attachments

Demand Side Management in China: Benefits Barriers and Policy Recommendations — 已发布
Research on Cogneration Policy in Shanghai — 已发布
Energy Conservation Potential for China Major Energy-using Products Through Standards and Labels — 已发布
Improving Transport Fuel Quality in China — 已发布
Background Report: Vehicle Fuel Economy in China — 已发布
China Motor Vehicle Emission Control — 已发布
EPA Climate Protection Award: China National Institute of Standardization — 已发布
Electric Utility Restructuring and Power Sector Reform — 已发布
Output-Based Emission Control Programs: Generation Performance Standards — 已发布
Best Practices Guide: Implementing Power Sector Reform — 已发布
Market Assessment of Cogeneration in China — 已发布
Evaluation of Policies Designed to Promote the Commercialization of Wind Power Technology in China — 已发布
The Sinosphere Journal: Spotlight on the China Sustainable Energy Program — 已发布
Strategies for China's Electricity Reform and Renewable Development — 已发布
International Experience with Mandatory Market Policies — 已发布
Mandatory Market Policy (Renewable Portfolio Standards, RPS) and Program Design Issues — 已发布
International Experience with Distributed and Rural Renewable Energy — 已发布
China Establishes Energy Efficiency Endorsement Labels for Color TVs — 已发布
Taming the Dragon Heads: Controlling Air Emissions from Power Plants in China — 已发布
This 2000 report summarizes the current status of renewable energy in China — 已发布

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