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Apr 3, 2013

Study on construction model of green eco-district

Project Discription: This program took green low-carbon eco-districts in China as a research object. Based on the spirit of Green Action Plan, with a view to the whole city, this work surveyed the domestic green eco-city (eco-district) demonstrations, specified the contents of China's low-carbon eco-district, developed eco-district relevant indicator system, drafted the guidelines of indicator system and explored the methods and measures of implementing indicators. The result will be beneficial to standardize the core content of eco-city, to enhance the level of urbanization, to change current extensive developing model, to improve urban environment, to solve series of problems in city developing progress and to lead city to the way of sustainable development, to provide supports and rational suggestions to the Chinese government in the regulation of the construction and management of green eco-district.
Apr 2, 2013

Research on Building Environment and Energy Efficiency Standard System

This project will help us understand the status and the improvement potential of the building environment and energy standard system systematically and comprehensively. And all aspects about the Chinese building environment and energy standard system will be strengthened according to this study. At the same time, it can also provide a detailed guidance for standardization work and scientific advice for standard compiling. As the achievement of this research, a list of Chinese building environment and energy efficiency, one architecture figure of the standard system, one scientific paper and one research report of the standard system on Chinese building environment and energy efficiency will be submitted.
Apr 2, 2013
Apr 1, 2013

Developing Routes for Large Public Buildings and Government Invested Public Welfare Buildings

This project conducted extensive investigations on the implementation status of green large public buildings (LPB) and government invested welfare buildings (GIWB), and then proposed the general objectives for the development of green building in the next several years. To achieve these goals, detailed developing routes were planned in order to effectively promote the compulsory execution of green building construction, with supplementary measures for process supervision and security management. In the end, the entire research results were presented in the form of a legislative draft for the enforcement of green LPB and GIWB construction.
Apr 1, 2013

Summary Report of China Black Carbon Studies and Control Policies

This report delivers a summary of scientific studies and control measures and policies on black carbon in China based on the third “International Workshop on Black Carbon: Impacts and Control Strategies”.
Mar 30, 2013

Feasibility Study on Establishment of Carbon Trading Scheme in Building Sector in China

The Kyoto Protocol signed in 1997 caps the emissions of greenhouse gas including carbon dioxide. The move makes carbon emission rights become scarce, thus the global carbon market and trading of carbon emission allowance and credits taking shape. Under the arrangement of the framework of Kyoto Protocol during the past ten years, carbon trading scheme has gradually become the one of the preferred political instrument by many countries to address climate change issues.
Dec 5, 2012

Study on the Economics of Green Buildings in China

Green Building projects may need additional investments, but they will also generate benefits. The difference between cost and benefits are the economic profits. However, for Green Buildings of different uses, and constructed at different times, the respective costs and the benefits would vary significantly. It is important to study the cost and benefits of Green Buildings from an economics perspective and assess their economic efficiency. Through a study on selected sample projects which have attained the different "Star" Grades under the China‟s Evaluation Standard for Green Buildings, this research project looks into the economics of Green Buildings in China, provides an overall framework for the assessment of the cost and benefits associated with these projects, and proposes directions for future policy development.
Dec 5, 2012

Building China's Sustainable Cities Future

Introduction of Energy Foundation China Sustainable Cities Program
Aug 30, 2012

Development Planning Research of Green Building in Chongqing

To start the green building work comprehensively; to investigate the technology application, industrial development and work progress of green buildings in Chongqing; to clear and definite the development status of green buildings; to further clarify the development idea of green buildings in Chongqing; to put forward scientific and feasible development planning of green buildings in Chongqing; to promote the effective progress of green building work in Chongqing and to plan to launch development planning research of green buildings in Chongqing.
Aug 29, 2012

The Zero Energy Building Using Renewable Energy with Chinese Character

The national demonstration project of renewable energy building in Huazhong University of Science and Technology, approved by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, is achieved to build up a teaching or office building with renewable energy use to adjust temperature and comfortableness all year in Hot-summer & Cold winter area. There is used the Active Dynamic Air Envelope with air inter-layer. Fully use the advantage of underground temperature balance in a year and utilize renewable energy to adjust the flesh air temperature. The Underfloor Air Distribution System is including circle water with underground cool or hot source, underfloor radiator and flesh air vent. The used power of comfort adjusting system is equal or smaller than generated solar energy all year from photovoltaic cell on building roof. This project will store up solar hot in autumn and air cool in spring into underground for anti-reason use.

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